Aransas Pass, Texas
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we bought 40 dollar cards there 3 times and not one card loaded even we didn't leave the store and tried the phone robot stated all 3 cards were empty. we still didn't leave the store and got mgmnt who after an hour told us nothing they can do.

so we out 120 bux????????????????? really???????????????

so we got a sting operation going and brung in a FINE HOTTIE to buy same cards and when she didn't get her phone loaded and that card didn't work...…………….she had mgmnt come up and they loaded her phone with 40 dollars in 4 minutes. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: close the store.

Best Buy Pros: Busting them on camera.

Best Buy Cons: Being ripped.

  • Busted Lol
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all the male employees were all over her like gravy on taters. slobbering and drooling like wolves, its all on youtube you can see it there plus the drool

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