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Hello I can't believe this has happened to me. I used to go to best buy for all of my electronic needs.

I would go in there weekly and look around at the new technology and maybe purchase a dvd. I had encountered recently that the mobile manager was following me around and accused me of theft. I was appalled, so I went in the store in early April and had one of the employees install a screen protector on my device. I asked her if she was applying to much pressure on the device she said no.

I have always kept my iphones in excellent condition. I noticed something was wrong with my screen protector so I went back in for a replacement. A short time later I noticed that the back of my iphone 8 plus was broken. I have tried to reach out to corporate and I have tried to reach out to the store manager nothing is getting done.

I have reached out to them to try to make this right and they basically called me a liar.

I can't get any manager on the phone and the only person who will take to me is the same mobile manager who was following me around the store. I hate best buy and will never shop here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 8 Plus Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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leave me alone. I also wish you would mind you own business.

If you had the balls which you don't you would just leave me alone.

I don't want to need to be harassed. That is illegal and it's also cyberstalking.


You are incorrect madam!! It’s NOT harassment.

It’s responding to what you have willingly posted on a PUBLIC BOARD!! I can no more cyberstalk you then you can tell the truth! If you don’t like what someone has to say, then too damn bad!! You chose the forum and you chose to lie.

You WILL be called on it. Why should anyone “leave you alone” when you are willingly trying to scam them? You know you broke your own phone and are trying to scam a new one! Why shouldn’t you be called out?

If they put on a screen protector then ANY damages would have been were the pressure would have been the greatest, which is the screen, not the back!! You examined your phone after they put the screen guard on so you know she didn’t break it.

Until you have the testicular fortitude to admit you’re scamming you will be called out. You also realize that BB doesn’t monitor third party complaint sites right?


Agreed with you. This customer is looking for attention. It's so bad and sad to see customers like this try something with these employee or these managers for no reason.


Public Board? Oh is that what this is?


Yes. It is an public website.

Anybody is allowed to respond to anybody! And that includes calling out and confronting customers like you! It is clear you're the one from the review!

And you shouldn't play stupid games and stupid prizes with the employees and the managers. You're already not winning, but losing these claims!


Now you're playing dumb. You know that this what this website is for!


Well when you're write an review onto a website than anybody is allowed to respond to anybody, you're going to have feedback. People don't need to mind their own business if they are calling you out for the way you're acting.

Looks like you need to know the difference between 'harassed' and 'calling you out and confront you' because you're deserving it. So childish.


I see some people like to harass and bully me online. I see cyberstalking and cyber bullying is not beyond certain individuals online.

I appreciate the comments good evidence for court, KEEP TALKING WE WILL SEE YOU IN COURT. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!


Omg!! What a crock!!

You have no idea who anyone is!! You have no access to any data on this site. Nice try though!! If you could afford a lawyer you wouldnt be on this site as your lawyer would have told you to NOT POST ANYTHING!

You’re so damn transparent! Try harder child!! Your false internet bravado is not funny. You can’t sue for what other people say.

You even agreed to that when you posted!!!! Accept you broke your phone and move on with life.

The best you could do is small claims court and you would have to show not only proof but proof of damages. Silly little girl needs mommy to explain real life to her at bath time.


please stop harassing me.


Nobody is harassing you. People are calling you out for the way you're acting!

It is clear, you're lying and fabricating details. Customers like you are not going to understand from right and wrong while doing this! Maybe you need to learn to be a adult and not an child! Maybe the employees and the managers don't want to talk to you because they know there is more this story that you're stating there is!

There's always two sides to the story.

Let's hear theirs. I'm sure that their side to the story is a lot different then your bs.


Please stop trying to act like you're anybody special or important. You're not.

You're a customer that is from h...while trying to make false review and claims.

There is a difference between harassing and calling out and confronting a customer that lies and fabricates. It's such a shame customers like you are going this far for attention and fame.


Nobody is bullying and stalking you. People are telling you the truth.

And we know who you are. You're a customer from h. You're the type of customer nobody wants to deal with or wants to be around. You're so full of bs.

You shouldn't think that you're going to get away with that.

Because you're not. You're always going to lose as an entitled p.o.s.


You should hire someone to slap you across your face for being the customer no employee or no manager wants.


Agreed. The employees and managers should have a right to do that to the customers who are acting like this! No employee or manager should deal with this!


She the real issue is this. You can’t prove beyond any doubt that the employee is the one who broke your phone.

In YOUR mind you don’t do things like that and it HAD to be the last stranger to touch it. I hate to break it to you, but YOU broke your phone!!! Admit it and move on. See theres one little action you ALL do.

When there is any form of improvement you look closely at your phone front and back. You would ha e seen ANY damages immediately. You may not really remember doing it, but trust me, you DID!! It’s our built in system to judge quality.

You can break your phone just dropping it on a comforter! I know, I’ve done it. So before you go and blast a innocent employee make sure you’re actually correct. If the day you felt the break was the first time you noticed it then you broke that phone within hours of finding said break.

Stop looking to get a free phone out of them because you were followed around. You KNOW you were not actually accused of theft, just followed. As they are instructed to do with every customer. It amazes me that you think we are all so moronic as to buy your story.

You broke your phone and expect someone else to pick up the costs. Typical trash.

Try honesty, real honesty. Not the fabricated reality you try and live in princess.


Agreed with you. It's so bad and sad that customers that have too blame and shame others for their own problems.


Agreed. It's so bad and sad to see these customer cannot take care of their products and they have to take it out onto the employees and managers. These managers or employees do not need to deal with customers like this.


The customer is number 1#. The customer is always right!

This employee or manager broke my phone.

That's the end of discussion. Now stop commenting to me and leave me alone!


How many people need to explain to you that is a public website? If people are writing a review onto this website.

Then they are going to get feedback. You want people to stop commenting to you and leave you alone? That's not going to happen! BTW, the 'No, the customer is not always right.' There are always mean and nasty customers.

You're living proof of that! It's so bad and sad to see you're playing the entitlement card.

And it is so bad and sad to see these employees and managers have to deal with you and your bs review! That's what is really at the end of this discussion!

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