Woodbridge, Virginia

I went to best buy in Woodbridge on prince william parkway to return a game that did not work to my computer a manager by the name of brian presgrave had the worst attitude i had ever seen employees that act like this to customers should be immediately fired he not only did not help at all but walked away when i asked for his name to report him he turned his back and walked away the guy before him lied to me and said it was illegal to return software when i called my lawyer he said it was a lie i told Brian presgrave this and he said we cannot talk to this customer cause he said lawyer what customer satisfaction with best buy worst service ever do not buy software from them....

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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I LOL for about 5 minutes......

you buy a PC and ur pc can't play it? and that's their fault how??

learn to UNDERSTAND and yes like the other person said...

MAKE CLEAR SENTENCES, in addition, you may also want to look for a new lawyer....


and you are missing the point. The manager should have explained this to him. Instead, it sounds like he was treated like a thief.


If you don't like it start up your own store!

Or perhaps next time read the return policy before purchasing!

Or search under copy right laws.

It says once a game, cd, dvd, and software are opened, they can only be exchanged for the exact same title.

Or know someting about computers.



YEa standard policy- ANYWHERE-

canot returned opened software, not even if YOU forgot to read the package and make sure your pc/mac/linux based computer is going to work with it. They were rude, but you were ***, and kinda deserved it...


You can't return any software because you could copy it. The same thing goes with games to. Go ahead and buy software from somewhere else, it going to be the same policy.


You need to stop playing video games and practice forming complete sentences. :roll