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Bought $300 netbook for my wife. Took it home, spent two hours configuring it. Rebooted, it shut off and would not restart at all. Took it back. It started - of course. They essentially called me a liar. "What good is a computer that may or may not start?" So instead of replacing it, I was charged a $50 restocking fee. In other words, they made $50 off my 2 hours and are going to re-sell that thing to someone else, then charge THEM $50, or leave them with a computer that sometimes starts, sometimes doesn't.

Next chapter. We got rewards points from our credit card. Chose Best Buy gift cards because "how could they screw up a web order?" Well, they found a way. Clicked on a washing machine. Typed in CC number and gift card numbers (long process). Deliver to local store. Clicked "finish". Ok. Simple. Called local store to arrange delivery. Nope, wife wasn't allowed to call because husband placed the order. I have to go through a "screening" process to verify her identity. Spent 30 minutes doing that. She calls to arrange delivery. Nope. Have to DRIVE TO THE STORE to do that. She drives to store, is told they can't discuss it with her because HER HUSBAND BOUGHT IT. Ok, it's like some sick comedy now. Two hours she spends there trying to convince various employees and managers that yes, we've been through this, I've been "approved" yadda yadda. Ok, finally, she's allowed to discuss it. But wait, there's more! Someone at Best Buy has "typed something in wrong". THEY HAVE TO START OVER!

So here we are, a $1400 washer no less, not at our house, but waiting in a warehouse for more BS to happen. Treated wonderfully until they have the money, then treated like ***.


Moral: Credit card with rewards points - cancelled. Best Buy purchases - never again, under ANY circumstances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

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for all the know you two are getting a divorce and someone is screwing over the other, be smart, do you want someone with the same last name as you to walk in to a store and pickup your product without being questioned?


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even if something was wrong with the computer, they didn't see it. if they went around believing everyone then they'd lose a lot of money.

you have to realize that some stores charge a restocking fee. it's going to cost them labor to get that computer back to a good enough condition to sell and they have to take a hit on it because it'll be sold as used or refurbished. if the computer was fine then, why not just keep it? besides, netbooks aren't all that great anyway.

and if your dumb wife wasn't smart enough to get the delivery set up then why didn't you just do it yourself? were you too worried about being "boned" by them again? I'm sure you wish it was literal for you though. just calm down next time.

from your typing, you sound like you just freaked out the whole time instead of trying to fix everything. I can imagine you now. Best Buy -"sir, your wife is not authorized because she is not the buyer" you - "WHAT?!?!?!?!" Best Buy - "sir, if you cooperate with us then we can make it so that she is allowed to deal with this purchase as well" you - "YOU BONED ME! YOU BONED ME!



You took a brand new netbook, used it, and wanted a complete refund when there was nothing wrong with it? I don't think so.

And yes, Best Buy will now have to sell this as an "open item" which means they have to discount it. I'm sorry you're not special enough to make Best Buy lose money because of your own ignorance.


Email all three of these people, write a nice letter. NICE! and they will take care of you.,,

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