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Three years ago, I purchased a refridgerator from Best Buy. At the time, the Polaris OH store was running a promotion on many appliances that guaranteed a store credit for the warranty if a claim was not made during the warranty period. I specifically remember seeing signs all over the store in various departments, and the sales man confirmed this was the deal. I purchased the warranty thinking at least I could get a nice fat credit at the end of term. Otherwise I would not have taken the warranty.

Well, the end of term is at the end of 01.31.2013, and now that I am calling the store in anticipation, they are denying this ever happened. Of course no one at corporate has heard of this. I am hoping everyone else starts calling in for their refunds, and something happens to make this right.

I am also hoping someone kept the store circular from three years ago, January, but I doubt it.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Sounds like this was an in-store promotion at the discretion of the manager. BB changed there policy years ago giving the store managers more authority in product, pricing, and, promotions.

When I go to McDonalds in Texas, i want to get the same Big Mac as I get in Minnesota, not the store managers version of a Big Mac!

Even BB stores in the same area will specialize in one area or another. It's frustrating, and one more reason why I don't purchase from BB anymore.

Every online purchase I make, I save the add, the purchase details, paypal/purchase receipt, email confirmations, and all communications concerning the purchase, to pdf files - just in case there needed. Haven't need them yet. I've had very good experiences purchasing online.

The same hasn't been true with BB and other retailers.

I've even taken photos of products on shelfs for reference and proof. Maybe it's time to take photos of in-store promotions now also. How sad!


For a period of time, BBY DID offer to offer credit, in the form of BBY reward points, if you never used the plan. That has been discontinued, at their discretion.

Because the program is discontinued, I don't think you'll get anywhere with your claim. You would have to have written proof, then have a legal venue such as a small claims court deem it an enforceable contract.

Forget it. Try emailing corporate - maybe you'll get an accomodation gift card.


JohnT, why are you even sparring with that guy? You sound like a rocket scientist and he sounds like a complete ***.

I'm sure everybody likes your stuff and ignores his. He probably has nothing better to do so he comes here OR he is a BB employee because they also hire ***


Oh, no I'm not but it is odd that you take up for Best Buy at every opportunity. One could ponder the company that you are employed by.


And it appears that you are disturbed that I impart information that does not hold Best Buy in good light. Again that appears very suspicous.

Do you read the Best Buy advertisements every night, if you get my drift? :)


The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rates retailers on page 25. Best Buy is at the bottom.

Your experience is not unusual. Maybe you should check that issue and make your future purchases with one of the top rated retailers.


this guy had a bad experience but John, I think you're an employee of that Consumer Report magazine because you're trying to get everyone to buy it. either that or it's your magazine that you use each night if you catch my drift :grin