Wichita, Kansas

BEWARE OF THE BEST BUY BLACK FRIDAY SCAM - Best Buy advertised a Laptop for $180.00 when they started handing out tickets to those of us in line for the black Friday deals I was told by the Best Buy associate that they had one more laptop left but I would have to pay an extra $80 for it because it had already been "PC setup." Which I did not need nor request to have done. I was told that they only guarantee the first 10 laptops for the advertised price and all the other laptops have this upgraded service added to them.

This is false advertisement at its best! I had no choice and went ahead and accepted the ticket. The associate will attach an orange piece of paper to the ticket if it has and added option to it. I noticed when I was standing in line to pay for it that almost everyone in line had an orange piece of paper attached to their ticket.

They were pulling this stunt on any item the could.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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On 11/22 I placed a phone order with Best Buy for the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a special price of $49.99. Later that day I received an email stating there was an issue with my order and to call Best Buy customer service.

I was assured by customer service the order was fine and that several thousand customers had received the same email due to the system “crashing” from the high volume. I called Best Buy on 11/23 to confirm my order was still valid. I was again assured everything was fine and I would be sent shipping information when available. On Sunday 11/25 I received an email stating my Best Buy order had been cancelled.

I called Best Buy and was told that the order had been cancelled because the information was not confirmed in their system in the 48 hour time limit they set. I had to go through the ENTIRE order process with Best Buy AGAIN. I was told that the order was being processed and everything was fine. When I checked my email this morning (11/26) I found another email from Best Buy stating there was another issue with my order and it had been cancelled.

I called Best Buy and asked what the issue was this time. I was informed that AT&T had denied the upgrade. I called AT&T to see why the order was denied. At that time I was told by AT&T that I was not elligable for an upgrade.

I explained that I had purchased the phone from Best Buy and I was paying for the phone, the upgrade fee and a two year contract EXTENSION. AT&T then informed me that it was their policy not to accept phones bought at a “discounted” rate. If I wanted to upgrade I would have to pay the full price of $599.99. I explained to AT&T that it wasn’t not stated anywhere during the purchase from Best Buy.

When I had AT&T call Best Buy with me also on the line the Best Buy agent said “that is not right, there should be no issues”. The AT&T rep then said it was their POLICY and nothing would change. I have since decided when my contract is up with AT&T I will be going with a different carrier. I have been a faithful AT&T customer since 2006 but after this I will be moving on.

The level of customer service I received and the unwillingness of AT&T to try and work with me is not acceptable!

I do wonder how many other AT&T customers are in my situation. This was a VERY misleading advertisement as AT&T will not honor it.


Learn what the term "bait and switch" means before you throw it around so loosely. You throw it around just to suit your needs when you don't get something you want. Also try complaining to the tens of thousands of others who didn't get what they wanted on Bolack Friday.


you must be a total duck. Every product you purchase at any retail store comes with at least a 1year manufacture warranty on the product of course if you want to purchase a extended warranty its extra not FREE..!

and as far as the tv are you *** or just like sounding it the TV is on sale not everything else you want.

If you want a company to do anything extra at your home you must pay or you think technicians get paid from thin air? this is not only at bestbuy any retail company


As long as retards like you and the people in line buy these computers, Best Buy will be happy to continue this practice. Thanks for validating Best Buy's policy of doing this. You are part of the problem.


There is only one word that describes what Best Buy is: *** s u c k e r s!


Best Buy never has any of the *** that they advertise! The few times that I went to look for something first thing Sunday morning I would get the same answer,"I'm sorry but we don't have that in stock".

Best buy is really bad about not having what they advertise!

*** Best Buy! They are a bunch of overpriced c u n t s!


As for laptops. The cheap laptops on Black Friday ads do not include Microsoft Windows (7), Microsoft Office, AntiVirus and a warranty. If you don't already have this software, it will cost you and additional +200. So the $180 laptop will actually be $380-400. For 30 bucks more, you can get the same laptop with everything included on any given day. It isn't a scam to those with software, You only have to buy it 1x and can use it on 3 laptops.

As for TV's. What Best Buy doesn't tell you is that the TV's do not come with a warranty, HD Cables, mounting hooks and delivery and installation...this is all extra. Unless you have a pick up truck and know how to do this, prepare adding another $350 to the HDTV. So the 51 inch HD going for $499 is really $850. For $100 bucks more, you can get this TV on any given day at any given time. Also, they don't take coupons on black Friday deals (usually 10% your next purchase).

I find Best Buy to be the best in customer service when you go on a Tuesday Night in March, but for the black friday deals, it is best to just get DVD's, a clock radio, or a microwave.


I don't like best buy policies, so i just dont shop there.


Best Buy pulls this stunt on every sale, for every unit, and they don't "outline" anything - To the original poster: you did have another choice: do what I did on black friday - find a manager and shout the words BAIT AND SWITCH. You would have gotten the laptop at the advertised price. "Cry me a river" it appears you are an ***.


EVERY retailer has a limit on how much of each particular Black Friday item they have in stock. EVERY retailer also clearly outlines this in their Black Friday sales ads which in you infinite wisdom did not read. Get over it you big baby!!!

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry