Raleigh, North Carolina

Best buy sends out emails advertising their great Black Friday promotions but is the second year in a row that is impossible to buy from them.

Last year I placed an order by phone and they delivered the worng computer in the store, of course that the one I wanted was sold out at that time.

This year I was ready to place an order at noon when the promo starts but it was showing comming soon, I did several refreshments in the page and suddenly it showed SOLD OUT, in other words it is impossible to buy from the at Black Friday offers. I am definettly quitting being a premier silver....

Monetary Loss: $300.

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We ordered a Playstation 3 bundle from BestBuy (online) for our son 4 days before Black Friday. This was part of a "secret" sale for their "best customers".

We ordered the bundle ($199), they confirmed the purchase, and they charged our credit card. While out shopping on Black Friday, we saw many retailers offering this same bundle at this same price, but we were secure knowing we had one on the way. this deal was offered at BestBuy, Meijer, and a few others) Last week they sent us an email indicating out order had been cancelled! When we called the customer service department they indicated that the item was on 10 day back order.

Our reply was "okay, we have plenty of time before Christmas...no problem". They replied that unfortunately our order was cancelled and we were not on the wait list. After numerous calls with them, they refuse to honor the purchase we made. We made it 4 days before Black Friday...they confirmed the purchase...we passed up opportunities to buy this from other retailers given we had one purchased...and now we cannot find this bundle anywhere for less than $300 (Amazon has it for this price).

Best Buy needs to honor their commitment since we cannot get this deal anymore or agree to refund the difference if we need to buy it somewhere else. Other family member have already bought my son PS3 games, and my son wants a PS3, so we HAVE TO buy one....we are very upset that it appears we will have to pay $100 extra because BestBuy screwed up when .

They need to fix this. BTW- I can't imagine we are the only ones they are doing this to.


Same problem here.... :(


Funny, my silver membership works. Maybe get a better internet connection?


I got my specials on Monday!!! Thanks Silver Membership!!


It is a "Marketing Scam" just to get you people to go shopping in their stores. Target does the same thing as well as many other online retailers who also have stores nationwide.

You should hear the morning minutes "group meetings" and how they get people to buy more.

After all these stores have to cater to the many Materialistic Fools who believe in their Black Friday ads. Although, there are a few legit ones too.


i had the exact same problem. im starting to think this is just a scam.

how can it go straight from 'coming soon' to 'sold out' in the blink of an eye. total B.S if you ask me


I had the same response. I finally called now that their phones work, and they said there was nothing they could do. Silver membership means nothing.