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I bought a Samsung 46 inch smart tv from Best Buy for about $1,000 plus installation fees, wireless equipment,sound bar (which the tv don't need but the sale manager swore the 10 watt speaker on there was insufficient-lie) which all totalled about $2,000. The TV was delivered 15 days later (the sound bar, the wireless equipment they gave us to take home in our car), with the installation team whom arrived and told me that they sold me the wrong sound bar, and wrong equipment to do the wireless installation.

Being "Pissed," I brought the entire purchase back to best buy for a full refund. It had never been used, was in the original packaging and I had the receipt. They told me that the exchange policy was 2 weeks, (14 days) and there's nothing they can do. (even though they didn't deliver it for 15 days and I never had achance to examine it).

They told me that I could purchase the right sound bar, but I would not be able to refund the old one $150 (because of the 2 week policy), and that the new one would cost $350.00.

PEOPLE: This is very unethical company and I do suggest buying from a company that is more honest and ethical than this one. I would never buy as much a tiny battery from this company again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

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Anonymous, you are a very polite Best Buy shill. Deb said it all.

There is no excuse for the store not correcting its mistake. Instead it used a store policy that screwed the customer.

That's why I don't go to Best Buy. I buy from Amazon, HH Gregg, Microcenter and even Staples.


Please start reading your receipt. The return/exchange policy changed in March 2013 to 15 days.

Not their fault. You had those items the sound bar and wireless equipment for 2 weeks.

You could still return your tv since it goes by 15 days after shipment and retrieval of the item, but the other things you had for 2 weeks. Sucks but that's life and that's their store policy.


Well how was the original poster to know that the other equipment was wrong before the actual TV got delivered? If most people were that versed in TV components and thnigs like that, installation teams would not be necessary.

I would have argued them down on that one. There was no way that he could've known until the TV got there, and shame on the *** associate who SOLD him the wrong components.

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