Indian Trail, North Carolina
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I was *** enough to agree on getting Best Buy credit card and buy product which was on special finance discount. *** part was not reading 100 pages of agreement.

I know they have right for anything I agree with but understanding 100 pages of agreement is really non realistic. I am sure no one reads all that small printed paper. After 18 months I got surprised while checking on my credit card balance.

In my account they have added $500 in interest charges. I for sure would never buy from Best Buy and would never work with banks like HSBC.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You obviously are not smart enough to have a credit card.


That interest amount is CLEARLY shown on each monthly bill you receive. Not HSBCs fault you don't know how to read your bill.


Best Buy usually offers no interest for 12 months or 18 months if you spend a certain amount on high end electronics or kitchen appliances. But if you don't pay off your credit card by then end of the 12 or 18 month interest free period then they charge you the interest you total interest you have accrued over the 12 or 18 month interest free period. On each bill on the side it shows the total amount of interest that you have accrued that you will owe if your bill is not before off before the end of the interest free period.


That is accually standard for all companies that do a no interest for so many months deal.

If a charge is not payed off in the amount of time that there is no intrest it will appear at all at once.

And it is on the full amount of the charge.

I never read the small print but, I knew that it could happen before I even took out the card. I've also had no problems with HSBC.