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I run a small computer repair/network company in Houston TX.Last night i attended a customers home, from where he operates a multi-million dollar construction company from. He had a small problem with his ATT 2-wire modem, the wireless node had gone out, so after the usual checks and a reboot and reconfigure, we decided to take it back to the place of purchase, Best buy at Willow brook 1960/249 location, he informed me that the Unit was a mere 3 months old and still had the box but did not have the receipt handy but didn't think it would be a problem as he purchases' all his consumer electronics from Best buy, well in retrospect he did.

Upon attending the store there was a young man returning a laptop with half the accessories missing a box that looked like it had been dragged through the hedge bottom, backwards but did infact have his geek squad information, he was granted his return and was told to go out to the floor and chose the Laptop of his choice for Exchange.."wow!, that's good i thought".

So here we are with the very same member of staff, this is a 99$ Modem with a customer that has over six thousand dollars worth of purchases over the last two or three months at the store, but for some unknown reason, they cannot find the purchse on the computer, this is not a big deal, as with the custmer being a businessman, he has three different bank accounts and numerous cards and a checkbook.. so it was just going to be a case of finding the check he wrote for the modem and returning to the store to make the exchange.

Customer service.

You would think that with such a great customer that such a issue would be overlooked and a exchange would have been granted, Steve the customer was just about to go and purchse another 99$ Modem and deal with it later, and seeing as Best buy are the only retailer in town that provide the 2-wire Modem, other than ATT them self's, i decided to stand up for him. I first Asked for a manager, the Sales rep said of course, yet no Manager arrived!, I then confronted him with the facts that they infact where the only supplier of 2-wire modem in town and that a simple scan of the barcode would suffice the proof they needed to warrant the exchange, he still would not budge and still no Manager attended the scene.

Who did turn up.

This woman, with gold teeth a buch short hair cut and a attitude and vocabulary like best buy had hired her off the street corner where she hustled Crack Cocaine for a living and that is exactly how we where addressed. She started by asking steve for his credit card, snatched hit out of his hand and then started running him down about weather or not that was the card used for the purchase. Three times over she yelled asked you? is this the card you used for the purchase!" and repeated it over steve trying to explain he has several accounts, whilst the other members of staff sniggered behind her(like she was purposely hired for such situations).

Id had enough at this point in time so i chirped in with "why don't you run the card through the machine and find out weather or not it was used for the purchase instead of giving us your 'No Can Do' attitude. and she exploded! leaping over the counter almost and yelling "who the *** do you think you are talking to" with that Ghetto lingo attached to it, mixed in with various other abrasive actions. I informed her that i was 'The customer' and that with out me she wouldn't have a job. i went on to say as the Attitude grew even more violent, that in this Economy there are normal decent folks out there would love to have your job and that you are Employed some how? and they are not.

Steve cut back in and said, i tell you what, ill go back to the house and load up the 64" 3d TV i bought last week and ill return that, as ill never purchase here again.

"Sir, Sir, you go get your self another modem of the shelf, im going to take care of you".

So the simple facts of the issue are this, they could have made the exchange, they did make the exchange. so what was it they made this people not want to help steve at Best buy.

To further the Insult, as it gets much worse, the members of staff laugh and snigger as steve goes out to the shop floor to get his exchange and upon returning to the customer services desk he's really upset now and says" you can all have a good laugh now, but ill be reporting this to the manager" As there was still no manager on the scene to sort out this situation. The Monster Women in question starts up again and starts yelling "you don't have christ in your life" that your problem, and you(meaning me) you don't have a job because of the way you treat people with your mouth". I told her at this point she needed to go find her self another job, how this person got through Best buys Online aptitude test is beyond me, i wouldn't even trust her to scrub toilets never mind work in the General public for a multi-million dollar corp. She then proceeded to threaten us and said she was going to "beat our ***'s" and had to be physical restrained by anon other member of staff from attacking me. It was actually much, much worse than i can describe in this complaints forum.


No manager ever arrived to intervene, ever! they could have made the exchange, they did make the exchange so what was so personal that they did everything they could not make the exchange?. Can you imagine what would happen to your or i if we had made any of those mistakes in a public environment job like that with all those tight rules ect, ect..right! we would have been fired on the spot.

so what was the difference?

The most apparent reason was, I was White, steve was White, the Guy returning the Laptop was Brown, the member of staff receiving the laptop was brown, All the Women behind the counter where black, infact upon leaving the store i didn't see maybe even 1 member of White staff amongst the crew.

SO there you have it, White folks are now second class consumers according to best buy, there money is not needed anymore folks! I believe it was all Racially motivated, to those pieces of ***, laugh and snigger at us and make us feel that way was disgusting, After the GHETTO FOGHORN tactics failed, they almost resorted to plain old thuggary and assault, well to be honest that's exactly what the whole situation was, Plain ol' Assault.

What adds insult to injury of the racism is that, i'm actually a migrant my self, Its just that i'm a white Migrant, which makes this kind of racism even more despicable of the point.

Boycott this company at all costs, i i wish she had of assaulted me i've boxed for 20 years. would have gotten my self's some gold teeth, gold's worth quiet a bit nowadays and on top of that bestbuy would have been giving me alot more than a replacement for a 99$ ATT modem thats for sure.

*** (middle finger to Bestbuy)

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Best Buy LOVES the violent negro....allows them to sell junk which no normal white person dares to return!!




whatever. you sound like some racist loser, making up a fake story for attention.


no, he sounds right...you are clearly a coal-burner or mud shark.


Why can't your friend who makes many million dollars a year spurge $99 dollars out of his fortune and get a new modem for one that was obviously outside of the return period?


*** You!!!!!!!!!!! Just because you're "white" and spend millions of dollars doesn't mean you get whatever the *** you want!!!!

You're the racist in this situation because you believe that everything HAS to be done!!!

I'm sure "Steve" here didn't buy a protection that best buy offered (which i always get) because if it messed up he would've just "bought a new one"......just buy a new one because you are CLEARLY outside the return policy.

You don't get presidential treatment.


You mean problems like racism, streaming insults about religon and then threats to "beat customers ***", then having to be held by other fellow employees from commiting physical assualt?.

On store camera?

You are a joke!

He could have gone away and found proof of purchase through his bank, it was explained, or tryed to explaine that he had numerous accounts, it was never a case of not being able to, it was just a question of time, he was a regular customer with extensive purchase history, He needed his Internet back up and running so he could opperate his business, Again!, None of which excuses the way which your staff acted towards the customer. Stop avoiding the Facts and accept Best-Buy Sucks ***!


Let me simplify further:

Tell me one store (aside from membership stores like Costco) that will accept a return on a $100 item without a receipt after 3 months? Wal-Mart? Nope. Target? Nope. Sears? Nope. Toys R Us? Nope. Radio Shack? Sorry.

The point is that if all of the top retailers have the same policy, it's probably there for a reason. If that policy is unacceptable ot you, please boycott all stores with the same policy. Although some people want to act like they are above rules, the fact is they aren't. They need to grow up and drop the "Paris Hilton routine" and stop expecting stores to roll out the red carpet for them.

Again, follow the return policies and there won't be a problem.


Isn't it totaly Obveous that they really dont care about Customer services, Employee fairness, or the simple ethics behind helping out certain members on the community with out descrimination. Simon wants to Paint a Black and white picture when it comes to you having to retrun to best buy and get there help, with-out putting your hand in your pocket.

Yest Upon being sold your product in the first place they want you to se the sale In the FULL COLOR of the sales mans eyes, buy all the PPP plans, ALL the Extra warranty ect, ect. Oeder From Newegg, even though you may have to wait 2 days to recieve your produce, if indeed, you are not happy in anyway with the produce, retuning items is alot more user friendly than having to fight traffic and then deal with pushy sales people telling you lies so that they can get paid.GOD FORBID IF YOU HAVE TO RETURN SOMETHING!!!!!!.


You see, theres a problem with that, @simon seeing as The ATT modem in cornered By Bestbuy or ATT them selfs and that a Electrical product only lasts 3 months before it breaks its totaly un-acceptable. NONE OF WHICH HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE WAY YOUR STAFF OPPERATED THAT NIGHT SIR, Threats and violence@ Bestbuy on Returns, with or without reciept.....FOR REAL MY ***?.


I only read the first paragraph of that bloated story and I can already sum up the rest:

Best Buy has a 30 day return policy, but your friend thought "Hey I'm special, I can return an item after 3 months without a receipt because I spend $2 million a day at Best Buy" and he was all upset when he wasn't given diva treatment and had to follow the same rules as the rest of us. I'm sure it's a real tear-jerker.

Return policies are in place for a reason. Drop the whole diva routine and follow the policies and there shouldn't be a problem. Really, it's that simple.


Yes? and why not?

he does not require anything else of such? he is in charge of the construction of all major appartment complex's going up in the SW and central areas of Texas, where that just happens to be the best Economic area of the entire country?

He controls everything, form the people who get jobs, to whom sells the meterials for such projects and effectivly, whom does and does not feed there kids this Christmas in the construction world...So keep Rolling on the floor laughing in your 9 dollar an hour 'store sales' position working for somebody else...dispite all this, WTF does that have to do with his rights as a consumer at some over priced *** of a Electrical good store. I think your over looking the point here.


And this guy runs a multi-million dollar business from his home? ROFL