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Nightmare Customer Service: I recently purchase a GE Washer from BestBuy Mesquite, TX. Salesperson was good and knowledgeable.

Delivery install went fine. 15 minutes after the install, I received a call from BestBuy to complete a survey of their installation. I received an Email confirmation of delivery and installation completion not 1 hour after the washer was installed. Less than an hour after installation I load my washer and its screaming and bumping.

I immediately call BestBuy customer service, because I've already been without a washer for 5 days since the last one broke. I purchased the washer on Friday but they couldn't deliver it until first thing Monday morning because they only make deliveries in Rockwall on Mon/Wed/Fri's. Rockwall is a very modern city, they even have a store in Rockwall. But okay whatever.

So Monday at 7am I receive a call installs complete before 8 am. Good. I call to tell customer service there's a problem. I need this washer replaced right away.

They say well call back later, they can't do anything until the delivery truck makes it back to the warehouse that evening. I said, why are we waiting on the truck to get back to the warehouse, Can't you start the process so I can get a replacement on the next truck out... like tomorrow. Can't you call the delivery people to confirm whatever you need to confirm?

I've received a call and email confirmation of the install.. what could you need? This is 2013, you represent your self as a technology sales leader and you're telling me in a time where packages can be tracked worldwide up to the minute and hello "cell phones" are standard on delivery trucks, you have to wait until Bobby pulls the truck back in the warehouse so you can log something.. and the trucks don't usually come back until 7-8pm and Customer service closes at 6:30.

This is the most asinine and archaic thing I've heard in a longtime. And YOU want Me to CALL YOU BACK! I've already made a call to you, you call me back if you value your customer! Consequently the rep said it might take another week to get me a washer back out.

I told her THAT WAS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I asked to talk to someone else, she assured me there was NO ONE ELSE I COULD TALK TO, Nobody could change that. I called the Warehouse and for some inexplicable reason they just had to wait. The customer service rep said she'd call me back when she got in at 10:30am the next morning.

Unless I wanted to call back myself, she wouldn't be able to call me until that time. Around 5 pm that same evening I go ahead and call back get another rep explain the problem so she puts me through to the corporate office. Paul said he would do everything he could to try to force the order complete so I could get a replacement ASAP. He would call me the next day.

Paul from the corporate office... Never Calls back, after I've gone through the lengthy discussion of how utterly ridiculous and archaic this procedure is, I want corporate to hear me. I'm not the kind of customer that leaves and comes back.... blow it and I'm gone FOREVER!I was very nice and he was very nice.

But NICE DON'T CUT IT!!!!! I don't get a call from corporate at all. I never hear from Leslie the Customer service rep, who was to call me at 10:30 that morning... but at about 6:15pm that evening(15 minutes before her shift ends) I get a call from her saying her baby was sick and she couldn't call me earlier.

WTF! Doesn't Customer service have an entire department. I like babies, I have children... which is why I need to WASH!

She could now process the exchange and was Friday good for me????. I said NO< NO< NO, it is not good. That doesn't work for me.. come and get it you've lost a customer!!!

I even went online to give them one last chance to make it right and their customer support was sorry but they couldn't help either. I have never talked to a corporate office as impotent as is BestBuy's they clearly DON'T GIVE A *** ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. ONCE THEY HAVE YOU IN THEY'LL *** OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN. BESTBUY is already a struggling company and it's my prediction they'll more sooner than later be out of Business!!!!

Save yourself the trouble DON'T SHOP BEST BUY!!!. I purchased the very same washer from Loews and had it installed before they could pickup the malfunctioning washer. I also saved another $40.00..

so they were NOT even the best buy! GOODBYE is more like it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I love how this loser from Louisiana is constantly bashing Target everywhere. it's like "I ordered a Big Mac at McDonald's and got sick because it turned out they gave me a Big Mac that was made the day before and it sat out all day" then this weirdo comes along and says "sorry to hear that but Target will make you even more sick because they're just so horrible. I don't know why they're horrible but they just are"


If you think Best Buy is a beast to deal with, whatever you do, don't ever buy ANYTHING from Target. They are much more horrible than all the Best Buys in the entire United States.

Target's policy is - once we get your money, we're going to use that target to make sure we hit you square in the forehead. Fair Warning - get out of your mess with Best Buy, but NEVER, NEVER go to Target or you will know what getting your cash rheemed from you really means!!


It seems that you're having a hard time understanding what everyone else considers common knowledge: Best Buy doesn't give a *** about you one once the transaction is complete. Their whole company infrastructure is based on this principle. Contact whoever you want, you aren't changing anything.


Best Buy or any other large socialist corporations do not give a ***


Best Buy or any other large socialist corporation does not give a *** about anyone or anything except for the almighty dollar. Smaller localized mom and pop stores are now on the wane and all you have are the same old big box stores in every city, ever state and every block.

If we have more and better competition, mammoth stores such as Best Buy would not act like big shots, and try to bully the (so called) "lowly" customer. Sometimes the customer may not always be right, but if so put up the good fight and protest and boycott!! There is strength in mumbers.

Corporate wickeness and deception are the reasons we now have "Occupy Wall Street" protests. People are FED UP!!!!

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