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I was looking for a laptop as a gift. I found a great deal on a Toshiba i3 laptop and purchased it online for delivery. Filled out all the online info with address, credit card number, everything. I thought I was done and so I STOPPED looking. I come to find out a few days later (just checking on my order since I had not heard anything more) the item is on backorder. Talking to customer service I have to "renew" my request to be placed the item on back order otherwise the system will "cancel" my order. This is after I already gave my credit card number and I though the transaction was said and done. Got an e-mail confirming the purchase, never got an e-mail saying I had to "renew" a backlog.

The story goes on.. a days after that, I find a great samsung laptop. It did not have a ship option, but did have a "store pick up option" So I clicked on the add to cart and purchased it. Again giving all my credit card info and information. The website goes into a state of "verifying inventory at your store pick up address" I called the store and they said the had it in stock. The next day the website spits out "item not at store" Again after I already submitted my credit card info and got a purchase e-mail confirmation.

So here I am a week later, SCRAMBLING to find a decent deal for a laptop and praying I don't get mugged by high price retailers who are laughing at shoppers who didn't snatch up the early deals.

This is a message to best buy.. if you guys don't have your act together please please please get out of the online and store pick up business. Stick with the in-store purchase only... leave the online/store pickup to the professionals like amazon, walmart, toys r us.. *** even staples does a better job.

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