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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10+ from Bestbuy in june of 2019 an also the 2 year protection plan.The phone was over a 1000 dollars the protection was 169.00 plus tax.I was told with the protection plan if anything goes wrong with the phone I can bring it back and get a replacement.its been less than 2 months you cannot hear through the phones earpiece.I took the phone back to bestbuy and they said I would have to pay a 200 dollars deposit to get the phone fixed.thats not what I was told,and that was a lie I was told.I said its been less than 2 months and the phone is messed up and I paid almost 1200 for a phone that's messed up. The Geeksquad guy said the phone has to be broke and i said it is broke you cant hear anything,he said the screen got to be cracked,i said this is bullshit.I will never shop in bestbuy again and will try to let as many people know about this crap going on.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Pros: Sell you a good dream.

Best Buy Cons: It was just a dream.

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Read the "protection plan" information you received in which you should find all the terms and conditions, etc. which should explain exactly what is and is not covered.

People buy these things because they are given a spiel about how wonderful the plan is and that everything is covered. Prior to buying these scam plan, you need to actually read them in total before buying.

Bottom line, tho is that most of them are outright scams which make the store and the plan alot of money, leaving the customer with---in your case---a piece of unusable junk. Best advice is to never, ever buy a "protection plan."Save your money.

Marcus H

Yea you right I should have read it all,but when you are told to your face that if anything goes wrong with the phone all you have to do is bring it back and we will replace it.I have not had the phone a full 2 months.geeksquad said the phone has to be broke,i said it is broke you cannot hear anything then he said no cracked....WTF...I WAS JUST LIED TO TO SELL PROTECTION PLAN.

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