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I have seen BestBuys advertisments about how the woman of the house can get everything they want or need at BestBuy. That would be alright but, then they say they can replace Santa and the woman of the house acts like she is going into battle with Santa.

Parents today have enough of a problem keeping their children believing in Santa, they don't need this kind of disrespect shown in prime time.

I think it is disrespectful and contrary to what the christmas season is all about. I will not be shopping at BestBuy this season, and possibly never again.

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Mickie Strode: America is in the crapper and we are coming out anytime soon, there for get with it or stay against it. No one has or know the true meaning of Christmas anymore.

From your angle the ads were negitive however to everyone else they were funny and upbeat. Fun hasn't been outlawed yet so we, America, are going to keep having it.

I bet you don't want you kids to bring home the "wrong color" either. Think outside the box lady the 50's and 60's are over, from Gen-X the the internet-Gen we just wanna have fun, don't you?


Hey "fail" LOLOL

Nice failure to bash me LMAO. Now go lay down.


I need to come clean everyone. I am a worthless POS Best Buy employee and I'm in meetings to address my addiction of peeling one off while watching elderly women (and sometimes men) shop via our in-store security cameras.

My sponsor says I should come clean. Sorry I'm such a loser...


It's sad to see a Big Corp make fun tradition! Coke got it right!

My kids pointed this out to me and I agree with them... nothing from Best Buy!


Santa is Christmas spirit? Best Buy is Christmas spirit?

Black Friday is Christmas spirit?

Santa is the BIGGEST "detractor" of Christmas spirit there is. I am NOT religious by any means but Christmas has become nothing but Santa and whatever they can sell you.

Dont get me started on that "Bunny".


WOw you two are a couple pof pieces of work. Must be the same ignorant arrogant pieces of *** that work for Best Buy or something. I agree with the poster about Santa I thought the commercials were negative and detracted from the Christmas spirit you two need to get a life.


Maybe you should engage your children in a family activity instead of complaining about a clever commercial. Your failure to control what your kids watch as a parent isn't Best Buy's problem. Try a book once in awhile.


So why is it so important to keep your kids believing in Santa?