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I've always liked Best Buy but my recent attempt to purchase a TV from them has convinced me otherwise. I went on their website on Dec 14 and ordered a 42" hi-def TV for pickup at my local store, planning to have it operational in time for our Christmas day festivities.

That same day I received an email informing me that it was ready for pickup. I drove 20 miles and waited at the pickup counter for half an hour while they searched their inventory, only to discover the store location did not have my merchandise. The manager offered to sell me one in an opened carton at a "deep discount"-- it turned out to be a floor sample that had likely been running nonstop for the past 6 months, at 10% off, so I wisely declined that offer. Then he told me he would get one from another location and deliver it to my home in 2 days.

The next day he called to tell me that he could not find one anywhere in the company. I then called Best Buy customer service and they put me on hold for a supervisor who "could make me a good offer on another similar model". After 20 minutes on-hold I was disconnected. I called back on the following day and customer service told me that another store in my area did, in fact, have the model that I ordered in stock.

I asked them to have it delivered to my home and was told I would have to pick it up (a 40-mile roundtrip). Not being a total imbecile, I phoned that store first and discovered that they didn't have the TV either. I finally called customer service again on Dec 17 , cancelled the order, and ordered the set (at a better price) from Amazon. Unfortunately I don't know if it will arrive by Dec 25 so the Best Buy grinch may have ruined our family Christmas plans.

When you call their main telephone number you'll hear a recorded message from their CEO, Brian Dunn, extolling the virtues of their excellent customer service. Hey Brian--if you're listening, your customers in Zimbabwe might consider this a great experience but it really doesn't cut it here in the USA.

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:( Best Buy has the most awful delivery service in the world, and the least intelligent people manning their phones. Six days after purchasing(at the store)a freezer that was promised to me for Sunday afternoon delivery, I still didn't receive it.

So I cancelled my order and went to Lowe's-who managed to deliver in 24 hours with no problem.

No more Best Buy for me. :(