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Is very sad for so many customer leaving bestbuy to be able to received better services and customer care in much high demanding, The services is very bad, customer care is terrible and returned policy is the most horrible I have in many years, The reason I buy 2 notebooks Toshibas, great deal and price, to be able to give my nice great gift, when my nice open de box and before set up the name, she notice the screen is crack in half, well to make short, I try to notify bestbuy in Longwood, the manger to me to go to another bestbuy where I have previously buy from, 30 minutes past and my gas in my car...the assistance manager told me unable to returned bc I need buy the insurance before leave the store, well I guess is my responsibility to open the box inside the sore before I turn the computer right, because if the computer don't work will be my fault right???? well the bottom line is the manger told me to call Toshiba, Toshiba told to call bestbuy cooperated, well I call my credit card, I received my full refund and I am so glad to have, and glad to never more coming back to bestbuy, I guess the economy is no so great to you guys..., appreciated to facebook, and other social media, to be able to express my concerned and notify everyone about the bad business coming from bestbuy, and notify everyone about the great and simple the best Wal-Mart store ...the large customer care and returned policy in the world, Go Wal-Mart, show them and teaching all the bad company about customer care and deal with honesty business, and appreciated from all great credit cards business for refund my money back, I try to returned this notebook, before the 14 days police, everyone refused, I guess so many more customer will be losing.

Almost forget ... Wal-Mart has much better price from all the comparators.....

Monetary Loss: $228.

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This person needs to learn how to speak English !!!!!

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