Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Waste Management wouldn't pick up some TVs left by neighbors at the dumpster where I live. So I brought in three old TVs for recycling after reading Best Buy's page on line bragging what a great service they do for you and the environment for recycling billions of TVs.

I thought that commitment was a good way to get you into their store. But I was so angry when I was told, at the door, that there would be a minimum charge of $25.00 per TV. What a waste of my gas, and one of the TVs was one that I bought from them. Last year the service was free.

They purposely don't tell you anything about a charge on their web page because they only want your money. They don't care if you might not have enough money when you get there. They trick you and it stinks.

Well I won't be shopping at Best Buy anymore.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I checked BB's recycle webpage, and it says right there that there is a $25 fee for TV's!

Yes, this changed last year.

If you wait, many communities & companies have recycling drives - which includes free drop off of TV's.


The $25 dollar fee was only imposed because the recycling company raised the price on them. $25 is still less than what the recycling company charges bestbuy. They are actually taking a loss on the tvs