Chester, Pennsylvania

First of all I do not need a job. I have enough money to buy all I need, and probably spent more at best buys then you make in a year, so no I a, not a pissed off wananbe employee for best buys, but obliviously the people who have responded are best buys employees.

I am white so I am not playing any type of race card, but because I am does not mean I can't see racism at it's best. Matter of fact best buys is already facing a law suit for their discriminations.

I speak five languages, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, and Portuguese, and happened to be there and witness the race card played by best buys. My wife and daughter, and son in law from Lebanon were all present when we witness this act. After seeing this, i began to do some investigations of my own and learned a lot about best buys practices, and spoken to two employees who were willing to confidentially give me more scope. I have also learned that this web site is visited by these big companies employees to respond and discredited any complaints people may have. Keep your eyes tune to your local news, and if you still think I am an *** afterwards then no doubt you be the bigger one. As soon as we edited the videos we are taking I will post it for your benefit.

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Best buy are criminals. They use misrepresentations on the credit cards claiming you will be charged no interest and then hit you a year later with 800 dollars in interest. Total scam with citi bank conspiring with them.


Yeah, they owe me $30.00 for a purchase i made 5 years or so ago, which i was supposed to receive a rebate, and have not yet been reimbursed. i'm plenty pissed off...


Hey, it's been almost a year....where's the F**kin' videos???? You sir are a liar and molester of this site! I bid you good day!


For someone who spends more at Best Buy then we earn in a year, your grammar sucks ***.