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Events concerning Cancelled order BBY01-805509105426 from Best Buy on 11/23/2017. Order BBY01-805509105426 was cancelled by Customer 11/23/2017.

Order BBY01-805509105426 displayed: (2) NEST Cameras Model: NC2100ES to be delivered 12/1/2017 $ 318.73 (1) SONY – 65in LED TV Model: XBR65X900E Cancelled 11/23/2017 $1,631.24 Best Buy Charge to Pay Pal (Credit Card) Total $1,949.97 12/5/2017: Returned (2) NEST Cameras Model: NC2100ES at Best Buy Forsyth, Il store. Amount credited to Capital One credit card at store: $ 318.73 12/27/2017 - Best Buy Forsyth store employee assisted with contacting Best Buy to obtain Credit for Customer’s cancelled order BBY01-805509105426. Ticket# INC 5087744 was created to address issue. Store manager “Elevated” the issue.

1/2/2018 – No credit issued to Paypal or Capital One credit card as of this date. Customer returned to Best Buy Forsyth store. Met with Best Buy employee. Employee called Best Buy corporate, and one of the store’s manager also assisted with contacting Corporate for help.

Issue was “Elevated” again. 1/3/2018 – Customer called Best Buy Help (888-237-8289). Customer had a 3-way phone conference with Capital One agent Best Buy representative stated the Credit for $ 1,631.24 would be returned in 5 to 7 business days. Case # 207603276.

1/17/2018 - No credit issued to Paypal or Capital One credit card as of this date. Customer called Best Buy Help (888-237-8289). Best Buy Help representative said that a credit had been issued on 11/26/2017, and Customer should contact the Bank. Customer requested information, ie: copy of the credit transaction, or name of institution where the credit was issued.

This information was needed so Customer could contact the institution, to verify the credit. The Best Buy Help representative said she could not provide that information. Customer insisted on the importance of that information, so the credit could be verified, if it had been issued. The Best Buy Help representative turned over the case to a different representative, Customer went over the case again, the new representative said: He was going to check with Back office and would call me back at Customer phone number, later that night.

No call back was received by Customer. 1/18/2018 – Customer called Capital One credit card Dispute department. Capital One had information on file from the 1/3/2018 phone conference. Customer gave information to the Capital One Dispute agent.

1/19/2018 – Capital One credited Customer’s account and will contact Best Buy with Dispute. Capital One also credited Customer’s account for interest.

Review about: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1631.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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