Mishawaka, Indiana

I purchased a big screen tv with the 4 year "no hassle" warranty through the geek squad. After about two years I noticed some hazy spots behind the screen well geek squad came out said they would order a new screen and replace it.

Come to find out its a discontinued part so they wouldn't clean it and the best they can do is an inferior replacement or 600 dollars towards a new tv. I think that's ***. The no hassle warranty is filled with loop holes and ways to screw over the little guy. I'm done with best buy the geek squad and Samsung.

I'm disgusted with the customer service provided by all parties. I can't wait for best buy to close its retail stores so I never have to see such a worthless business in my town again.

It will happen. Death to the big box store !!!

Monetary Loss: $1800.

  • Best buy worst store ever
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Here is a must read for you all. Screw-blue DOT com.

It explains it all. Be sure to check out the comments too.


Wow! So you'd rather see thousands of people out of work because of an old $1800 tv, which is only worth $600 now?

Very nice. Happy Walmart shopping!

@CSA=abuse me

Yeah, I would. I'd rather see the "thousands" out of work than have a company constantly rip off unsuspecting customers. I'll go Happy Costco, HH Gregg, Microcenter or Amazon shopping.


I so agree,with you. That guy reads these posts just to reply and put people down.

I have an issue right now,with Best Buy. I didn't do my on-line research prior to my purchase. So I am getting screwed too. I read an article awhile back about BB closing a bunch of stores, then I haven't heard anything further.

I have an H H Gregg close by and I just discovered a Micro Center not too far.

Thank goodness.

And I found what may be a good computer shop, on-line. It is Computer Upgrade King dot com.


So it's Best Buy's fault that Samsung discontinued the model?

You would get the same thing or worse from anywhere else. People like u are part of the problem in this country, now please go play in traffic.


"no hassle" really means the sales people won't hassle you and they will let you quickly make your purchase if you buy the worthless extended warranties and all other useless "upsell items" they are forced to push, due to sales quotas they must meet.