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Best Buy, Worst Service. “Guaranteed to get you the lowest price and service so bad you learn why the Best Buy, isn’t always the best decision”

I have never in my life publicly written a negative review or comment about a company but I have had the worst experience of my life shopping with Best Buy and I will never shop with them again and advise anyone who sees this to never purchase their appliances.

On 9/11 the day after closing for my new house I went to Best Buy to take advantage of the last day of their labor day sale. I showed the associate a print out of the appliances I wanted and she confirmed they could beat the price of Home Depot and deliver and install those appliances and provide me with a better deal. So I proceeded to open a credit card with her and once I had done so she then tells me 'I'm sorry but we are out of the appliances' I very specifically gave her the model numbers that I wanted and asked to be certain of this before opening a credit card and she confirmed she did then told me I was *** out of luck basically. I asked to speak to a manager and after 4 hours and a terrible situation we got what we thought was a great deal- a better set of appliances at the same price as the ones we wanted. They scheduled to have them installed the following Friday.

I took Friday off from work as I needed to be there for the delivery, drivers show up an hour late after waiting all day long and they brought the wrong appliance. I told them I wanted to return the appliances and I was put in contact with a customer service representative who beseeched me to let the delivery team leave the appliances in my garage and they would swap it out with the right dryer in a few days and I should expect a call back in 24 hours. So the drivers leave the appliances and I wait.

48 hours later I have had no calls and I have to call them and wait on hold for 40 minutes. I finally get a hold of someone and they assure me that the proper dryer will be delivered in a week and swapped for the incorrect one and installed. They schedule the delivery and I wait another week.

At 7 am a week later the delivery driver shows up and asks if Im ready for the installation. He said he didn't have an appliance to swap out and no one told him he was supposed to be replacing the product. So he leaves and I call back again to Best Buy. I again sat on hold forever and talk to another associate and relay my horror story of customer experience yet again and they apologize and tell me that the dryer was delayed and will be in on Sunday 9/30 and installed on 10/1 I tell her I have been waiting we have piles of laundry its been a terrible experience and she promises it will come in and be delivered and she will follow up with me on 9/29 and compensate me for my frustrations.

I never hear back from her and once again have to call Best Buy to make sure the delivery would happen on 10/1. I finally get another representative who promises it will be there and the appliance did come in. I took another day off work to make sure I would be here for the delivery and an hour after the delivery time still no appliance. I call AGAIN to Best Buy and speak with yet another associate and he relays to me that the appliance was delayed and there will be no delivery today. NO ONE CALLED TO TELL ME THAT IN FACT I CALLED THE NIGHT BEFORE TO MAKE SURE IT WAS BEING DELIVERED AND INSTALLED AND WAS TOLD IT WAS.

I've been sitting here for weeks with the wrong appliances, have missed hours of work, and have had the worst customer experience of my life with NO END IN SIGHT. No one can help me and no one will do anything about it. This company is beyond incompetent and are not deserving of anyones money or loyalty. I am about to pick the appliances up and drop them off in front of the store and demand my money back. I have tried to tell them to pick them up and return them as I have been tired of this experience but every time an associate talks me out of it and promises me it won't happen again. Now we have family coming in town, piles of laundry, two useless appliances, missed work hours, hours of frustration trying to communicate with customer service and it has no end in sight. I hate this company and everything about this experience. Turns out the Best Buy is not always the best buy. STAY AWAY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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