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On December 31, 2017, I purchased a stove. When we began to walk away because of a $250 installation kit that price immediately dropped to $70.

After the stove was delivered and installed it fired up and filled our house with smoke. After calling the store we were told that it wasn't their fault. Eventually they came and told us that it was a defective stove and they would replace it. It was finally replaced after four more scheduled visits; two of which were no shows even after we called to verify delivery.

After making a complaint to their "customer service" I was offered a $50 generous good faith effort on their part. I was not happy that I had spent nearly $1400 in their stove and used up nearly 30 hours of my personal time off from work while my wife was in the hospital. I continued to ask to talk to additional representatives; some who were condescending and dismissive. At one point I asked if the phone calls were being recorded and after a moment of silence the rep said yes.

I was not told of this ahead of time which I believe in the state of Illinois is illegal. On several occasions I was told a rep would be calling me and they never did. I would call again after 3 days to talk to someone. My last call was on Saturday, February 10, 2018.

I left a message for James. I have yet to hear from him or anyone from Best Buy.

I have wasted my time on six visits, numerous phone calls with the same scripted message that they are the final say and the decision has been made. When I asked them to tell me one thing about my case they couldn't even tell me

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Oven Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Recorded calls on customer service lines are not illegal in any state. In some states you must be notified of the fact that the call will be recorded, which most companies have in their initial message - if you didn't hear that, it's on you, not them.

And in one-party states, it's not at all illegal as it is, again, a one-party policy.But all of Best Buy's customer service numbers give you the automated "calls are recorded" message. In two-party states, continuing the call is a legal acceptance of the recording.

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