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Purchased a GoPro Video camera as a Christmas gift for my son in law, on Oct. 9. Then found out he already had one, went to return it on Oct. 29. Best Buy Refused to accept return of unopened and sealed unit, because it had been 20 days since purchase, and they only accept returns for 14 days!!!

No one had disclosed this absurd & unreasonable return "policy," but it is mentioned in very small, fine print on the backside of the receipt, but of course they only give you the receipt after they have your money, and after you have concluded the purchase.

I urge anyone reading this to avoid Best Buy. Their "return policy" is an insult, carefully calculated to screw the consumer. Any retailer who rigorously enforces such a consumer-hostile policy does not deserve our patronage. I have purchased several thousand dollars of good from them in the past, but I will never shop at Best Buy again. If they treat consumers in such a hostile and shabby fashion, they deserve for us to take our business elsewhere.

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Most electronic retailers have gone to this 14 day policy to reduce the amount of individuals buying items, using them for an event and returning. It is unfortunate that you did not read the fine print on the reciept or think to ask about it.

I experienced the same type of situation at HHGregg and felt upset as you do. I did argue it hard enough with a manager that he gave in as I was only one day past and I was able to argue by showing them my license that I lived an hour from the store. So they were not convienent to make it back within 14 days. thats a harder arguement with best buy as they are all over.

I hope you were able to sell it without much of a loss.


Whatever happened to the art of "regifting"?

Stop taking your unwanted *** to Wal-Mart or Best Buy and expecting them to bend over backwards even though you have no proof that you purchased the product there. If you have your receipt and you are compliant with the policy, make the return at the store. If you are looking for someone to take your worthless *** from you, try Goodwill.


Big Bruce, are you an ***? Did you even read this?

She has the receipt.

The art of regifting? I doubt you even have any friends.


Galute1, you're just a *** ***. plain and simple.

next time you buy something like that, check the return policy. 14 days is standard for electronics for a lot of stores. I'm so sorry that you have to follow the rules like the rest of us. I guess you think you're better than everyone else, huh?

if you didn't know your son in law had a camera already then you must not spend much time with him or your daughter. I'm surprised you didn't blame them because it seems like you want to blame everyone other than your dumb, selfish self. I'm sure Best Buy doesn't want to see you anyway because how are they going to see another cent if all you probably do is return merchandise because you fail to notice anything around you. and OF COURSE they're not going to give you a receipt until after you pay, that's common sense.

how the *** are they going to give you a receipt for a transaction that doesn't even exist yet?? *** ***! just stop being such a loser and admit that YOU made a mistake.

as for Anna, you're just a dumb *** you probably tried to return a product a year later that they don't even sell anymore.

as for you christy, I'm ashamed to see a *** like you lives in same state as me. you could have just given them the info for the return.

what are they gonna do with your friends phone number? give her a call to buy a new computer? yeah okay. you're lucky they even tried to help you while you were probably throwing a tempter tantrum which is expected from a *** like you.

and no, they can't just "scan the UPC" to see if they sell it. UPC stands for Universal Product Code meaning every store sees that UPC if they sell that product. if you don't know what Universal means then you just should stop shopping at stores. a UPC helps because it helps the manufacturer of the product.

but there's something called a SKU number which ONLY applies to the store selling the product. but they only put that on major electronics like computer and printer boxes for example. not little camera bags.

so get a gift receipt from your loser friend next time or let the store help you further instead of being so stubborn. and trust me, stores don't mind losing customers that just want to return things left and right.


what return policy, I just tried to return a camera bag that I received as a gift, it turned out not to work with my camera, too small. I didn't have a receipt B/C normally you dont need one these days, usually companies can scan the upc to ensure it was purchased from them and not a competitor and I only wanted store credit to put towards another item anyway.

They wouldn't even give me store credit wiithout a receipt. That's ridiculous! The same bag was hanging on the rack behind me, all I wanted was credit to put towards something different, I'm still spending money in their store and the merchandise was still tagged and never opened, where is the company loss that would prevent them from issuing store credit. They told me if I wanted to give out my gift givers info, like telephone number etc.

to look up the purchase then maybe they would give me credit. So I'm just supposed to start rattling off someone's private info. I will never even consider purchasing an item there again, and of course, I'm spreading the word, I'm not sure how this company is going to stay afloat considering all the internet competion on electronics, they are certainly not anything special.

Thankfully, I told my friend, they were upset about the so called policy, called american express, disputed and received credit for the purchase (amex is great like that) and we reshopped. Now best buy lost at least two customers (x everyone we tell) and actually won't get paid for the transaction either.Hmmm.


Actually, whoever claimed that the return policy is on a huge sign, is mistaken. There is no such sign at the local Best Buy, and no notice aside from the fine print on the back of the receipt, which is, of course, not given to you until after they have your money.

I stand by my original rant. Besides, Best Buy rarely has the best pricing, so why shop somewhere that is overpriced and rigidly enforces a consumer-hostile return policy?

As to the Geek Squad comment, the GoPro camera was in its original, sealed, unopened box. Best Buy will never see another cent of my money.


I agree. Best buy has the worst return policy.

I never opened the package but they said it does not matter. I will never buy anything from that store.


It's not like the writing on the back is in "Fine Print" it's there in black and white, clear as day. How about you make sure the recipient of the gift doesn't already have that product.

Poor planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on theirs. The dude abides....


Its your respocibility as the consumer to READ YOUR RECIPT


Shop at target. You have 90 days to return things...that is their policy and the thing can be opened.

I have never had a problem and every time I shop there the sales people remind me that I have 90 days to return it. Much better service than best buy!


Wal-Mart has a similar 15 day policy for electronics so make sure you don't shop there either.

Actually, you shouldn't shop anywhere without knowing and abiding by the store's return policy.

Best Buy puts it on the back of your receipt and on a huge sign by customer service. That is a lot more than most stores do. Your fault for not educating yourself. Bad return policy?


Bad customer? I would say so.


While I do not agree with the 14 day return policy I understand it and it makes sense. Lots of things could happen to electronics within 14 days.