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I called for help starting at 1:30pm EST and was still trying to get help at 10:00PM when I finally got a supervisor. Issue is Still NOT Resolved. 1.first call - gentleman in business, transferred me to Niki, whom transferred me to Rachel and we got disconnected.2. Called back and got Cory in business, she transferred me to Glenda. Glenda was helpful in that she explained to me that she had to clean up 'extra' profiles that the store had made when we tried to get this issue resolved in store for the past 6 months. they were not fixing the Main Issue we have (ordering online with our ElitePlus) they merely band-aided and created new profiles updating our information each time. Glenda still was not able to FIX our problem because our order again got cancelled right after we placed it again, but I will say she was the most helpful.3. Had to call back AGAIN, because our order was cancelled AGAIN and I got Carol, who hung up on me.4. Called again and I spoke to Scarlett & she transferred me to 'JANEAN'. Now, Ms JANEAN was rude, she had an entirely different script and demeaneor then all the rest of the agents I had been speaking to, and I have been looking for help, for hours by now... but this JANEAN simply refused to speak with us and was out right Rude and refused to help us resolove our issue and then said she was going to hang up on us, and when we responded with you're going to hang up on us? really? she Did!! Out Right HUNG UP on Us. we didn't even get past opening up our account and acknowledging we'd been having issues all day long, she just HUNG UP the Phone.... Lastly, I called back again and finally fed up tired of this entire day, which has now gone by, 1:30pm - 9:30pm now.. and I told LeeAnn, the agent this time, that I wanted to speak with a Supervisor or Management because I was done speaking with agents that could not and now Would NOT help fix the problem we have with these orders getting cancelled online. at 9:25pm Virginia - to whom I think was a supervisor, not sure.. but she did call us back. the Case Reference Number is 167408421. She looked into our ongoing issue and explained that there is a problem with a clearing house for BestBuy that is supposed to contact us within 96hours. (this was all on Thursday October 15, 2015 so we are expecting to be contacted by Monday, October 19.) Now.. Let me explain to you, that our money is good, we spend ALOT of money with BestBuy and this order online system fails us time and time again for the past Year. and we are fed up with it. we always are inconvienced and have to stop what we are doing to go into the store and get the things we ordered online because this "Clearing House" is not processing the orders. and I promise you, it's not because our money is bad or failing the system.we are SOOO Unhappy with this and BB right now.

Update: October 20th – We received an email from Verification dept. they apparently cannot fix our online ordering issue either.

From: verificationsgroup@bestbuy.comDate: Tue, October 20, 2015 2:32 pm


Thank you for your order. We apologize for any inconvenience the cancellation may have caused. Please submit your order using a residential shipping address. Please visit us at or call 1-888-BestBuy to replace the order.

Please do not reply to this e-mail. This e-mail alias is not monitored for replies.

Sincerely- Verification Group

So! 15:37pI call and speak to Jauon who claims to be a new supervisor and I explained our Case Reference Number# and he decides to transfer me and guess what! I get disconnected!.

Reason of review: No Ownership to Fix Online Orders that get cancelled for no reason.

  • Best Buy Customer Service Nightmar
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