Wilmington, North Carolina

Contacted HP with a problem with a printer under warranty. They sent me to their warranty center (Best Buy). Even though I had papers from HP showing it was under warranty, they refused to take it in for repairs. Seems they only warrant it if it was bought from them (it was) But I did not have the receipt.

Not only would they not honor the warranty, they would not tell me where to send it. They also, refused to service it when I said I would PAY for the repairs if HP turned it down.

Best Buy in Wilmington has the best customer NO-SERVICE department I ever encountered.

You will never see me in Best Buy again. I hope they join Circuit City soon!!!

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more than likely, it was a limited warranty through HP. HP probably told him that he was dumb for thinking a limited warranty covered everything so they told him he would have to pay labor fees. he cheaped out and blamed Best Buy but they wouldn't do anything for him either.


I have had numerous hp printers and they are good for exactly one year. The day after the manufacturer warranty is up, the printer is ***.

Most dont know that when you purchase something using your costco credit card, the amex card itself has warranties.

Awesome for business. Go to costco...screw walmart anyway.


from my experirence with Best Buy they won't honor any warranty that they have

I had a computer that crashed the next day after I bought it and they wouldn't honor anything


I had an HP printer die on me 3 months after the 12 month warranty expired. Getting help from HP was a nightmare.

Their website and phone technical help was EXTREMELY frustrating. Finally I contacted Costco where I had bought it from 15 months earlier, they said bring it back and we'll refund you full price! I'm a Costco fan for life. I thought I was going to have to dump that printer and be out of pocket for a new one.

Now I'm buying a Lexmark (from Costco, of course) that comes with great customer service and a 5-YEAR WARRANTY! PS: Even without a receipt, Costco just looks up what you've bought from them and uses that information for returns.

Winning... :)


I deal with this everyday. You have to be able to meet us halfway, Folks!

The easiest way to do this, is by obtaining and using a Best Buy Reward Zone card with every purchase. That way, all anyone at store level needs is your phone number (that's attached to the RZ) and we will be able to verify and REPRINT your receipt for you! Otherwise, it can be a bit of a struggle to help you...ESPECIALLY if you paid cash or by check! :eek

Anyway, if you can't produce a receipt, then NOBODY - not even the vendor - will honor whatever warranty you might legitimately have on your product.

The proof falls on you, not us. :sigh


Are you Serious?!?

No company would honour a warrenty if you don't have a receipt.

How would they know when and where you bought it from.



Even if you were to send it directly to HP they would need proof of purchase(your receipt). You do not have proof that it is within the warranty period. I know it is a pain but you have to keep your receipts.