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I went to best buy on 12/9/2011 to check their "price matching". I was in the market for a 50" + TV.

Target had the same TV as best buy. Target wanted 549 for it, best buy wanted 799 for it. When i asked for the price match they stated it was not the same TV since the model number was off by 1. After a bit of arguing ( since the product description in both stores was IDENTICAL ) they price matched it.

GREAT im feeling good. Now the salesman shows me stands to place the TV on which were horribly overpriced and ugly. I decided to check walmart to see if they were underselling target, best buy etc for the same type of tv stands. Well they were.

Once again i felt good, found something that was more cost effective. While at the worlds smalles walmart supercenter ( it is very VERY small, so they have very odd sales all the time to make room for new stuff they cant store or hold ) i noticed a row of BRAND NEW Samsung LCD's for 225 bucks, and in the 46" range. So i decided if they had them in the morning i would buy one save even more and take back my UNOPENED TV to best buy. fast forward 11 hours.

I took it back, best buy had no problem accepting it, no problem ushering me out of the store, and claiming it was refunded. NOT THE CASE. I went to my bank ( chase ) who refunds ALL DEBIT TRANSACTIONS AS SOON AS THEY RECOGNIZE THE CREDIT, and they stated best buy had sent them nothing yet. I went back to the store.

the first red headed kid, was a complete *** and rolled his eyes when i said i wanted to talk to someone about this. A manager came over, and also rolled her eyes. She rudely explained that my reciept and this piece of paper in front of the register was a consent form to THEIR RETURN policy. I argued no one ever informed me and by handing me something does not mean that i consent to it.

They then said " call 888 best-buy ". So i left and did. The manager at the store said wait till 10pm, when we close our tills the VISA transaction will get updated. I was furious, you can have your product back, and keep my money?!

Anyways. 888 best-buy, says no way, it takes 3 to 5 days. I argue that a " manager " just bold faced told me different. They then called the store and another " manager " said it was 3 to 5 days but maybe 10.

So now im super irritated, that 2 different

" managers " from the same store were giving conflicting answers. I go back, speak with another manager, after him trying to run me in circles (and at the same time deal with a lady that gave her ID to them for a " geek squad " pickup, that they mistankenly put through a paper shredder ) he said sorry, you have to wait. I then told him i wanted the general manager. Granted he was nice and so/so for his empathy, he told me about 7 different answers.

His " bridge team " ( higher ups that can override policy o guess ) said no way, his regional manager said no way, and the corporate number didnt know what to say. He then told me that it comes down to once again " batching " the tills out for the refund, wait till the store closes tonight it will be back in. 3 days later and nothing. No one can give me a straight answer but wont deal with you if your purchase is over 250 bucks......sad for a store that wants you to COME BACK and BUY, BUY, BUY.

But you wont refund your clients money. I advise NO ONE TO GO TO ANY BEST BUY. REGARDLESS OF IF YOU USE CASH, you STILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEM TO REFUND BACK TO YOUR CARD OR MAIL YOU A CHECK. by you purchasing a product there you automatically consent to this.

FINE WAY TO KEEP PEOPLE WANTING TO DO BUISNESS. believe me im informing the BBB about this today.

Monetary Loss: $799.

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How bout this one I ordered a tv they didn't have In stock although the website is still taking pick up orders for same day at store I picked they charged me before checking stock now I'm stuck with not enough credit limit until they decide to give me money they stole yes they stole it they took my money and offered no services in return


Are you serious. You gave them the money, you confirmed the transaction so please don't state they stole anything. Secondly, you probably only had to wait until the next shipment of your item to that location and that is all.


So if you go to a restaurant order your food, pay for it and it takes a week before you can eat it, that's okay?


did you just compare a television to food?


Ordered a laptop 3 weeks back, Best buy debited $450 from my account and then canceled the order. Still waiting to get the money back in the account


It doesn't matter you use a debit card still like cash so they should give it back to you in cash not say it will automatically go back into your account. I hate bank they make you wait days whereas a federal credit union gives it back to you that sameday.

So it is something to do with Best Buy's end or their third middleman still counts as them because they quilty by association for it. It's wrong to hold someone's money when they just purchase on a debit card not credit card.


Best buy blows goats and the return policy is *** 15 days on everything even walmart gives you 90 on most electronic items and 30 on computers..


I have a real problem yours is normal i am waiting for best buy to refund me 1004.39 that i have been waiting on for basically almost a month like 17 days they are a bad company though they don't keep their own policy like it says that you will get your refund within 8-14 days at the longest but that's a lie they just hold your money


I always laugh when I see how clueless people are to this buy, or any merchant, has ZERO control over how long a refund takes. Call and yell at your bank (or banks and credit card merchants in general), as they are the ones holding your funds.


That's not entirely true. Most banks RECEIVING the funds, the customers bank, will post the credit immediately to the account.

When you hear someone say Best Buy is the source of delay that's not entirely true either. Once Best Buy "settles" the return with their Merchant bank (the bank that handles their credit card transactions) that SENDING bank then decides when to trigger the ACH transfer to the receiving bank.

There's the delay. It is a banking delay but this is most often a result of a delay in the ACA transfer between banks.


You folks defending BBY are the absolute worst type of corporate shills. Most of you ill-informed and ill-mannered.

Best Buy has about a 10% chance of still being in business in its present form one year from now.

When your biggest competitor is liquidated yet your sales go down, your company is in real trouble. *** each and every one of you shills.


Here we are almost three years later and they are still in business... Your estimations are as ridiculous as best Buy's. HAHA


This comment didn't age well.


I tried ordering using Best Buy online stores & THEY cancelled my order however the money was taken from my card. Am I to wait the 7-10 working days too?


Wow, no use yelling at these people. Have you never returned a debit transaction before.

They always take a few business days. Just... Wow. I feel bad for the best buy employees dealing with you.

Yeah, it sucks to have to wait, that's life. :cry


So, hopefully I'm understanding this correctly...but here goes.

Most, if not all, debit card purchases at Best Buy come back as cash...there is no option in the Point-of-Sale system for Debit Card purchases to come back any other way BUT cash. I've done thousands of them, and that's the case all the time.

Having said that, since a debit card purchase comes back as reverts to the CASH/CHECK policy.

Read your Best Buy receipt: "Any cash or check purchases over $500 dollars will be refunded to you in the form of a check mailed to you from Best Buy."

Your TV was $549, no?

The "Mail Check" comes back to you in 10-12 business days. You have to give your address at the time of the refund that you want to check to be mailed to you. Do you remember doing that?

Now...being the Knowledgeable Customer Service Guy I am, I've run into this situation a lot...and customers get pissed. My solution: I tell the customer you can purchase a gift card to off-set the amount of the refund and get the balance of the cash NOW.

I've never had a customer refuse to do that, and in most cases are happy/relieved that I give them that option.

So...say your total purchase (after tax) was $549.99...During the return of your TV, you simply "exchange" it for a gift card for $50.01...which leaves $499 is cash you take home right then.

Poof, problem solved.

If you don't want to do the gift card thing (I've never had a customer refuse to)...then you HAVE to wait for the check, which again is 10-12 business days...and it says that in black and white on the back of your receipt, on the posters at every registers, and 2 huge billboards hanging at the front of each store.


Read the policy again. It says if its not a visa or MasterCard they send a check.


Try learning how the credit card processing system works before you go spouting off at the mouth like an ***. The processing is done between your bank and the processing company NOT Best Buy.

Best Buy has no control over the refund and how long it takes. Most banks take 3-5 days and as many as 10 to refund money back to your bank account.

If you had paid with a credit card the refund would process a few days sooner. Don't blame Best Buy for your lack of knowledge on how the refund process works.


Best buys bank took the money from my account same night. It went into their account that same night as well.

It was not paid VIA credit it was paid VIA debit. The funds were not " holding " they were gone. It would have been ok had 1- I gotten a straight answer from best buy, not a list of " protocol " all being different from one person to the next. And 2- had they claimed that by accepting the receipt I was thus accepting the terms and disclosures, and its policies.

If they informed me of this it would have been different.

You go give someone hundreds of dollars bring the product back unopened 11 hours later and get told, sorry we will tale it back, you have to wait now and then get your money back we already room. That evidently sits fine with you, but not me.


omg i can not believe this complaint. first of all it's not best buy's way of doing business.

they process payment through a third party credit card processor (middle man between a merchant and a bank). payment processor and banks are the ones that keep your money for a few days until they reconcile records and release payments / refunds. when you buy something using your credit card merchant does not get paid the same day. they have to wait for funds to be released.

same way for refunds. usually it takes 3-5 business days to see any transactions of that kind on your statement / on-line banking. and no, i do not work for best buy.

i'm just well informed customer. you will get your refund so stop this unreasonable rant about best buy.

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