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Your entire organization is useless. It's amazing the kind of service four thousand dollars will buy these days.

The issue is neither you nor any of your representatives know how to work an LG OLED TV and you have no one in your organization can help. In fact, Meg at HQ couldn't arrange a visit. If it is true that HQ cannot arrange a visit, then you are the most abominably bad corporation I have ever encountered. Believe me, I'll be writing about it a great deal.

The great Best Buy is, for all intents and purposes, impotent. It is incapable of achieving anything. It does make one wonder how you spend your time over there. Remember "Nobody Beats the Whiz" The Electronics store chain?

They were giants in the field. Now they are gone. Such is your future. Starting tomorrow I will begin a yearlong campaign pointing out Best Buys flaws and incompetence.

It will last exactly twelve months. Ask Dell and you'll find I'm true to my word. I estimate they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now we're going to see how much money Best Buy is willing to lose because it's HQ can't arrange a simple visit.

I will also be copying your CEO and Chairman of the BOG. I think they have a right to know. Of course, so far my research has shown that both Mr. Joy and his board provide no way of writing them.

There's a lot of us that would like to know why they are selling the best TV electronics in the world when they and their staff have absolutely no idea how anything works? That's why if you ask anyone in the organisation a question about a 4K or better still the LG OLED the answer everyone gives is "not my job man". All indications say H. Smith Richardson, or H.P.

Photo or Walmart or just about anywhere else would be a good place to start.

Best Buy is so ignorant about the LG OLED 65" that additional money doesn't even entice them to cooperate. Working with Best Buy is like watching a Keystone Cop movie, only there's nothing funny about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

Best Buy Pros: Product the lg oled is the best tv on the market.

Best Buy Cons: Even hq leadership was able to solve a simple problem.

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Have just purchased a brand new 65" Vizio tv last 9/6/19 by 6PM. We had help to take it out of the car and placed I the living room.

After work the following day, my son began installing it and I helped him. When we plugged it in, there was nothing (audio/video) except flashes of lights on one part of the screen. Put it back in the back as I was so sure it was defective. Went back to the store as soon as it opened at 11AM Sunday 9/8/19.

We were told not acceptable as WE damaged it. Asked how in the world we could have done it. Never dropped, never bumped at the house. WHO knows, it could have happened on their store, on their sales floor, etc.

How could they insinuate blame to us? We were told should have returned it the VERY same day we bought it that night, and what? Who could do this upon purchase? Then we were told if I want to take it up with corporate, "GOOD LUCK!!".

Called the numbers we asked for. Got the run around so many times. No one can do anything at their end as they are just customer service (call center). Tried speaking with another manager at the store.

No resolution. Even said if I want to take this up legally, have to face off with their lawyers. Nothing more to say at my end. We left so furious.

So, we have a non-functioning brand new tv and they get the money charged to my account. Have filed a complaint with the BBB and even mailed off a certified letter to their HQ today.

I hope to get results on my complaint. I want an exchange of the tv I just bought.!!!

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