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Bought an LG stackable washer dryer set that I'd reviewed on Consumer Reports. Go to the store to buy this great machine, fully intending to get their credit card and pay it off to get 10% back.

4 associates helped me that day, which is why somebody forgot about the necessity of the stacking kit. Installers arrive, see my space and theirs no stacking kit and tell me I need to call CS. CS tells me I should go back to the store to buy said kit And Then call CS back to reschedule-like they don't trust me or that BB will have the part. When they arrive days later to install, and now open the boxes of the set, they see there are no holes drilled into the machines for the stacking kit.

This is the beginning of the end for me. Best Buy and their installation company have many of these LG stacking machines that are unstackable due to some defect. They attempt to deliver them SIX more times to my home! Each time the problem is either no holes in the machine, or they no call, no show, presumably because there are no holes, but they checked before leaving the warehouse that time.

I tried a different type of machine! No holes! After install attempt #7, I called it quits, nicely told the installation guys to take BB's *** back-all of it. I called Lowe's.

They had the machines in store. They confirmed the holes. They delivered one time with no issue. I am thrilled with Lowe's.

I also bought a sound bar online, out of box buy- which was *gasp* defective! Although I still own nothing I purchased from BB, I got that *** credit card- and there is a balance! For nothing! Except headache, coin-op laundry for a month and oh my goodness do their CS reps suck!

Nobody can DO anything. Got to talk to someone, transfer to someone else. And although my experience has been terrible, I'm reasonable with the reps, nobody seems to Care that this sucks so badly! Boo.

Will never buy something from this company again! Can't wait for this debaucle with a balance to get sorted out, then I'll cancel the card.

I'm off to the store now because apparently only someone where the return was made can fix it! Yeah-customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Washing Machine Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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