Seattle, Washington

Returned a wall mount for a new $1500 flat screen tv never even took it out of the fkg box. Oh no cant rerurn it after 15 fkg days give me a break I hope these asshls end up like Circuit city!

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that's nothing. I went to the store and brought some cheese and left it out for 4 days.

went to eat it and it has mold on it, but the good by date was like 2 weeks out!

kraft cheese you sux! LOL


I would say you should read the return policy/receipt before making a major purchase like this, but looking at your complaint it seems reading might not be your strong-point.


Why is it best buy's fault that you weren't smart enough to read the retun policy? I'm so sick of the spoiled people out there who think rules don't apply to them! Grow up!


You think that's bad! I'm from Australia and brought over $600 worth of Razer products in their Culver City store.

I get home and one of the Black widow Ultimate Chroma keyboards has been swapped with a Blackwidow Ultimate. So I paid $169.99 for a keyboard that was worth only $109. Don't bother sending emails to the help desk, their people are ***. They want me to go back to America (I'm in Australia) to return the item, the next thing they wanted me to do is give it to a friend or relative, don't have any in America.

So dumb. That's not how we do customer service in Australia. I've been told there is nothing they will do, they won't even let me send it back to them for them to send me what I paid for.

Clearly someone that works in that store is swapping products. There is no way a customer can do it, too much security and cameras watching.