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I purchased a fridge $1000 on credit because ours died unexpectedly. One month later I got and made my 1st payment on time of $27.

Then, the next month I paid on time 27$ pmt 2. Then got a call telling me I was late on my 2nd pmt and that my payment went up to $32 due to finance charges being applied. Ok my mistake atmitedly for not checking the pmt amt though not sure about what the fees were. They proceeded to charge a large late fee and asked if they would wave it if I paid the extra 5 dollars right then and that it was a mistake .

The woman did and then said I was current, no worries right? I get the next pmt letter and it does not show the late fee waved nor that we paid the 5 dollars. So I assume its just incorrect and pay 35 dollars on time ( 2 dollars extra) . Then they call me saying im late again because I didnt pay the amt on the bill and that they charged me another $30 late fee.

The acknowledged they waved the late fee but that I still had to pay the min pmt on the bill wich included the 5 and late fee and 16 for going over my credit limit. After talking to them for 2 hours trying to get them to set my act back to good standing I gave up. I complained to the and they called me said they would wave both late feesnow and asked for 25 to bring it current (sounds familiar - like my 2nd pmt). I now owe 25 and 60 by the end of this month for my 4th pmt.

Because why you ask, well they say they took the late fee off my balance and not my pmt....?Im still scratching my head. Then they say that you must always pay the min amt on the pmt receipt. Apparently even when they admited they got the $5 and waved the fee and the bill didnt reflect it. Well all I can say is beware!

BTW they offer wavers for two late fees a year as a curtesy practice anyway so all they did was make me pay more then I planned and called me every morning once I was late to harrass me and threaten to report it which Im sure will continue even though I told them I would pay it current with my Feb bill. They asked for $25 now to bring it current but Im not falling for that again .

I will just get the next bill risk the bad mark and hope I dont have further issues before I can pay this off. This doesnt seem legal to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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