Atlanta, Georgia

Long story short, I purchased a laptop from Best Buy two months ago and wanted 12 months interest free. They then set me up with a mastercard with a $12,000.00 limit due to great credit score.

I returned the laptop three weeks later. Best Buy and HSBC sends me a letter two months later stating I now have bad credit and and they have reported me to Equifax and have had my credit score lowered. Please note that my credit report has been above average for over 20 years until my dealing with Best Buy.

Is this how they get you back now for returning a product? Beware.

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So tell me again how a retailer has the ability to selectively lower one's credit score?


Real brain power on diplsay. Thanks for that answer!


JC/Nashville from Nashville is most likely an inbred redneck who is dating his/her cousin. is that not right?

well too bad. you assumed that I work at Best Buy so I can assume whatever I want of you. but no, I don't work for Best Buy. I didn't exactly have a negative comment either, it was more of a question too.

seriously.. why open a credit account if you're going to return a laptop?

as for the other commenter, he was just stating facts. so redneck, you're the loser.


Negative comment responses most likely written by Best Buys loser geek employees. Get a life.


why would you setup a credit account and then return the laptop? I really don't understand some people these days.


Youre a ***, that's not how credit scores work. You should have called the bank and told them to lower your limit.

You returned the product and even without canceling the card you damaged your own credit score by not keeping a marginal balance on the card; which is how you boost and retain any credit score. Don't blame anyone but yourself, because you signed either paper or electronically for the card.

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