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My wife and I are truly dissatisfied and extremely frustrated with the treatment from Best Buy and Geek Squad. We purchased a Samsung TV UN8550FXZA in 2015.

at your Levittown Store in NY The TV went down, no pic. It took geek Squad 4 tries in over a month period to tell me it has to be replaced. The repair appointments were riddled with miscommunication, lack of parts and sometimes missed appointments.The replacement process is deeply flawed. Geek Squad has issued an exchange # 36614378.

To replace my TV I am told I have to take an inferior TV. A credit is decided upon based on depreciation of value of my original purchase. When I pay for my TV I am not paying on depreciated value but the full value. I did not purchase another brand, I paid and requested a Samsung TV.

All of MY TVs and phone are Samsung, I am not looking for any other product. I personally have 2 Citi Credit Cards all of my TVs and Phones in my home are Samsung. My current bill with Citi #8004 (card account) is for $2000.00 but you are giving me a credit for $1500. However I have to make payments based on the full value of my original purchase of a Samsung TV whilst the replacement will not a be a Samsung and my credit is less than $500 of my current bill..

We believe a full credit should be given to me based on my original purchase price or replace my TV with the original product (Samsung). If I am being forced to take a credit of $1500, Citi should also be able to adjust the amount owing on my bill accordingly. We purchased a warranty to replace my TV, not to get any other TV, in addition when the replacement warranty was sold to me, no one explained that the replacement will not be my original product nor did they explain credit will be based on depreciation. Again, when I pay my bill to Citi it is not based on depreciated value of product but full purchase price.

Essentially, this seem like misrepresented sale practice and bait and switch. If I am paying on the full amount for a Product that I as a consumer want from your company (Best BUy), then I should be able to get the same product as a replacement or you issue full refund if you are unable to meet your marketing promise. Our initial Bill on 4/25/2015 is $2710.21 including my warranty, my current outstanding balance is $2000, I am getting a credit for $1500????

This is beyond understanding. We would like a resolution to my issue, this is more than a month later and I am still out of a TV, which we continue to pay for on a monthly basis and the warranty I paid for doesn't seem to be an actual full replacement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Tv Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Considering you bought it 2 years ago almost would you have preferred to spend another chunk of change to get a new tv because Samsung doesn't cover you outside of a year. Getting the plan was better than spending another 2000.00 hour just entitled and thought they would give you a free upgrade because your one of the people who make retail *** for them.


You paid for something without knowing the full way...