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I am so disappointed at whoever decided that marketing against Santa by drinking Santa's milk, kicking him off the roof and telling him he's not worth anything but to fill the puppy's little stocking is good for my family. Exactly who are you pleasing with this commercial!

OK, you think you're better than Santa message makes you feel like your the king of Christmas. Didn't take long to destroy your image or prevent shoppers from spending any money at your stores. There's good in Santa, the reindeer, the trees, the snow, the candy canes!

If it makes you feel any better, I'll pray you get a better marketing company. Enjoy your lump of coal!

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Why do these women have to be such mean b**ches? And why would you think that would make me buy your products?

Is it really true that low down and nasty sells? This presentation of *** horrid women isn't a way to convince me to go to your store--more like avoid it.

Consumer A

lol, there are some pretty funny posts on this site, but this one takes the cake! :grin


I get what you're saying. In a world that is turning to *** why do this?

When my 3 year old starts crying and says they are mean to Santa it's pretty sad. Why mess with the magic?

Of course Santa isn't real. Who here said he is real?


Did you cry when you found out the tooth fairy wasn't real too? He's not even real. Just use some common sense and turn the channel and get over it.


Almost as bad as making fun of Homer Simpson, isn't it.

#387454 do know Santa's not real right? Get a grip.

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