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I am so disappointed at whoever decided that marketing against Santa by drinking Santa's milk, kicking him off the roof and telling him he's not worth anything but to fill the puppy's little stocking is good for my family. Exactly who are you pleasing with this commercial!

OK, you think you're better than Santa message makes you feel like your the king of Christmas. Didn't take long to destroy your image or prevent shoppers from spending any money at your stores. There's good in Santa, the reindeer, the trees, the snow, the candy canes!

If it makes you feel any better, I'll pray you get a better marketing company. Enjoy your lump of coal!

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I too will not buy from Best Buy again. Let children believe as long as they can that this special person will make them smile!

We adults try to make this holiday a happy one for the little ones and my grands would be so disappointed if they thought there was NO SANTA! If you raise your kids to know better, then so be it. But let the rest of the world enjoy the jolly old elf, see the smiles that make you cry, feel the hugs that make you get chills because that little boy or girl is so happy! They just know that Santa brings them presents and cannot get all the things they want.

They usually are so excited to see anything out by the tree that they probably couldn't tell you what was missing. We have taught our children and grandchildren to remember that the reason for the season is Jesus' birthday and that is the most important thing to teach them. We can keep pushing everything we grew up knowing and believing in to the breaking point and soon we will be no better that the ad people that thought these commercials would be funny! God and Jesus have been pushed away or out of everything so why not Santa?

Well, don't come to my house because we believe in God and Jesus and Santa!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :cry


The Best Buy commercials against Santa are horrible. I will not buy from Best Buy until they are pulled.

We have too many bullies in this world and everyone wants to attack the "nice guys." Now Santa does not escape the attacks.

Young Marketing managers have no hope, no values, and no remorse for destroying what people call tradition. Angry generation.


The message of the commercial seems to be that Santa Claus…Mr. Spirit of Christmas himself…is now not only inferior to a retail, big box electronics store, but pathetic and unnecessary.

2) It’s like a weirdly inverted Grinch Who Stole Christmas, only this time they’ve turned Mom into the Grinch. Mom. Now that’s twisted.

3) The woman in the commercial is not only mean to Santa, she doesn’t even like her own dog enough to fill its stocking. Evidently, only those members of the family who can consume electronics merchandise count in her home.

4) Santa Claus is the mythical embodiment of generosity, tolerance, and good will to all. His gifts are free. Beating up on Santa is like beating up on charity. Who’s next in the crosshairs? Toys for Tots? And worst of all, they’re doing this during an economic downturn when one out of every five children is living in poverty and more than a third of our population is struggling on a low income. It’s tasteless.

5) They seem to be championing materialism again. Did they somehow miss the last three years?

6) They’re running these commercials during prime time when little kids are watching TV. I’m glad my kids are grown so I don’t have to explain to them both that I know you love Santa, honey. Of course, I’ll still let him come to our house.


ok...really. You people getting upset over a fictional person>...and to go as far as to say " i am never gonna shop at best buy again"!

Get a life!. I have seen plenty of other commercials that look as if santa is stealing, doesnt ride in a sleigh, and so on. Again, the whole theory of santa is BS so let people have a sence of humor! If your kids are seeing all these commercials...they are clearly watching too much television in the fist place.

So why do you stop judging people and shut the TV off and go play and teach your kids something about the real world. its called REALITY!


we shouldn't have to turn the channel tv is one of our gosh given rights


not a good idea bashin santa. best buy should loose alot of shoppers over this.

eventhough it was funny there are other things we can we can make funny rather than makin fun of santa!!!! :(


I will not buy frm best buy. Diamond walnuts did I it awhile ago and I didn't buy from them either.

Send the message. You can't replace Santa.


Anyone else notice that the Best Buy worker that helps the woman "take on" Santa is named Jesus?


Bad, Bad, Bad Best Buy, Shame shame shame on you. :sigh I hope my grandkids don't see that commercial. Little kids won't want to come to your store.


Best Buys campaign against Santa is just one of a number of bad policy decisions by the company executives to increase profits at any cost. They don’t care how they do it.

Morality be dammed!!! Just get me rich has always been their way. Lie, cheat and steal is what they teach their young employees.

I have experienced this first hand and have heard from many people that they will never go back to Best Buy for anything. That really is to bad for a company that could be making millions more than they do because of their business policies.


The Best buy commercial against Santa is repulsive! I intend to boycott this store and ask all to do so. Can't we look at the

holiday with the joy and hope it should be.


I think the Best Buy ad campaign is horrible. With all of there creative adverisement staff,they could not come up with something that would not ruin their belief in Santa?


Here's a suggestion for those who don't like these commercials. Change the channel, or better yet, turn off the TV and spend some quality time with your precious kids do something interactive, like reading together.

jsdawson99--It is a parent's responsibility to provide their children with the beliefs that they want them to have, no one elses.


I am dissappointed that so many people don't understand "representation" as a means to understand deeper, bigger, important, and meaningful concepts. Children watching this commercial and learning from it and being disappointed in it is one thing, but what hits me is we live in a society that has turned a representation of generosity into an enemy – someone to compete against.

Maybe the commercial is funny, but you know what would be even funnier? If Santa left some steaming reindeer *** in their stockings. Oh, that Santa – such a kidder!

SingleMom: Kids "love" santa, sure – but our children are feeling more and more entitled as the years go by - Entitled to ownership without returning anything – without returning effort, appreciation, or respect. And my personal anger comes from not the commerical itself, but what it means that we tolerate the line of thinking that goes into the commercial, The commerical is also representational – just like Santa.

Everything in the media is representative of us as a nation. That's what makes me more sad than angry. And I would like to understand how this commercial is renewing "self-pride" in anyone?

If anything, you should be upset at corporations like Best Buy that make our kids feel like they need their stuff in order to be happy. Because if the commerical made you feel pride in yourself, it did exactly what it set out to do – to get you to go buy their stuff so your kids will like you (even more than Santa), even at the expense of disrespecting a represenation of generosity.


As my grandmother passes away this holiday season.... these commercials help me laugh and still try to enjoy the holiday season. I am sorry for the parents and kids it has hurt, but it has helped me laugh for a few seconds in this rough time

#389213 one has forgotten the real meaning of Christmas. Adults do know that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are not real.

What is upsetting in regards to these commercials is that while most adults can figure out that they only need to scan the internet sites, or God forbid read the paper or even just go to the stores to figure out what are the best deals out there for their shopping, Best Buy has decided that it's ok to destroy the fairy tale for every child out there with their advertisements. Children have so little to believe in anymore. Most don't have the traditional family structure and beliefs that we adults have grown up with. That being the case, why is it necessary to destroy another dream all in the name of advertising?

Let the children have their make believe time. Isn't that where dreams come from to begin with?


So sad you get so "angry" about a marketing commercial. Honestly if I had the capability to DVR those commercials every time they are on I would sit down late at night when I need nothing more than a good laugh and watch them repetitively!

lol It's a joke because kids love santa and dont know anything better until they get big so no matter WHAT we stuff in their stockings they still think it's Santa. But hooray for the parents in this world who don't have to "spend an arm and a leg" on cool gifts they can get for their kids without the big mythical guy.

Thanks best buy for renewing some self pride in those of us parents who don't have limitless funds to buy all that our kids want and make us wish the big guy in the red suit could show up and make it better for us! YOU ROCK!!!


Are you people serious? Since when is "the true meaning of Christmas" about Santa Clause?

I guess I've mistaken all those classic Christmas tunes my whole life. It was SANTA that was born in a manger in that little town of Bethlehem that we were summoned to come and behold, who brought joy to the world when the Earth received her king? oh man, i had it so wrong. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

P.S. You are a ***

#388043 this "complaint" serious? It's a COMMERCIAL.

Don't you have something better to do or bigger problems to worry about? It's people like this that annoy the *** out of me.


Do you hate Bust Buys campaign** "Game on Santa" as much as I do??

Are we really going to sit by & watch Santa get kicked off the roof??!! Some CEO probably didn't get what he/she wished for, & has forgotten what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. Poor deprived kid, huh?

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