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I recently bought a Lg Washer and Dryer from Best Buy. I had no problems with the Associates or anyone in the store, they were more helpful than anything.

Now delivery is where the STARS start to drown. I’ve called numerous time and made sure that it was going to come by the time window it was given. I also called on the day of and the Sales Associate did not know when or how to contact the delivery team. Not only did it come hours late but the dryer was dirty.

I understand that Best Buy uses Cory Companies as a Vendor, but it is unacceptable for delivery team to not let a customer inspect the APPLIANCES before coming in and installation. I was told by the delivery driver that it was going to make loud sounds because I got a defect. Also to mention, I asked the delivery drivers to please close the door while exiting and entering and totally disregarded what I had to say and didn’t follow my directions. NOW I HAVE A FLEA INFESTATION because of it, because of the carelessness of the delivery driver.

So any-who, one of the delivery team members called Best Buy Corporate to order a replacement. On the day of schedule, I called and talked to a Sales Associate Sarah, who was very helpful and escalated the situation because “their truck broke down” and came 7 hours later than expected time. When the replacement came, one of the delivery team member told me if he could see the other dryer and asked me what was wrong with it and I told him that it was making a loud cranking noise. He right away told me what was wrong with it.

There was a dent on my dryer from the last delivery team! On top of that, the hose that connects to dryer and the vent was crushed. He told me that the other delivery team was not being careful and damaged it. So the next day I came to the Best Buy store and told the situation to one of the associate named Anh and asked for a manager and he told me there was none in the store at the moment and gave me a business card.

Afterwards I called Best Buy Corporate and addressed the situation. One associate told me that there was no case manager that I can talk to, another associate told me that one of the case manager would contact me and hung up, and another one claimed that everyone picking up the phone is a case manager, and OMG one of the associate gave me a fake name “Mike” didn’t even let me talk and said there was no case manager that I can talk to. When I asked if there is anyone that I can talk to, he said no. I said that I needed to talk to someone now and not later, he swore and pressed on the buttons, so I couldn’t talk and hung up.

When I finally reached a Lady Case Manager, well at least I think she was, offered me $30 for 2 days of missed work, the trouble I went through, and couldn’t do nothing about the Associate that yelled at me and gave a bad customer service. So I called again and talked to Chris, another Case Manager that scheduled replacement and told him what you guys offered is not enough for compensation, he said there is nothing he can do to reverse the situation because I already got a replacement and all he did was apologize and gave me poor excuses. Now I have filed a claim for flea infestation and the trouble their vendors put me through because of their mishaps.

Do not do business with Best Buy. They may have A+ for rating but they really don’t care about their customers or anything about them.

All they do is push and hustle. It’s all about apologizing for them. The Associates at the store is actually more helpful and have a great attitude and customer service. It’s the Corporate that has the problem, especially when it comes to returns.

I was returning an item to the store and it has already been 2 days.

If I payed with Debit, it should be returned to my account as Debit. I never had a problem with other stores dealing with credit going back to my account, usually right away or a day wait.

By the way, the Associates that I have talked to said a Manager will get back with me and they never did contact me back at all. Worst customer service ever.

Now, I remember why I never came back to Best Buy to shop. Because they are thief’s and Liars, who will tell you what you want to hear and sugarcoat everything.

If you don’t believe me, try spending $1700 worth of merchandise and when something’s wrong with it, you will see the hassle they will put you through.

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