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December 22, 2016 I brought a 48” VISIO (Not SMART) TV. It purchased the 2 year warranty.

Total Cost $360.38. I PAID CASH! Before I made the purchase, I asked the salesman specific questions on its refund or return policy. I was in conversation for at least 20 minutes regarding their policies.

He said “I can return within 15 days, but since it was Christmas they extended the return to January 15th 2017. He also said I can get my money back. Took the TV home and it was problematic from the start, but I thought I’d try it for a few weeks. Problem from day 1 of purchase – Sound problem.

I had my neighbor technician set up the TV. Sound was so poor and low, that it had to be set between 65-71 for volume. That was nearly 80% of the total Volume. Day 1) Centering the picture.

No matter if it was wide or any of the other viewing options; I could never fit the entire people or letters on the screen for complete viewing. I decided to return the TV just after Christmas January 13th, but I got sick. Today Jan 24th was my first day I was able to be in my car. Here is where my other issues begin Returned to their Ocala store, with my sales receipt in hand, only to be told I cannot get my cash back.

I explained to the Store Supervisor that I was told when I purchased the TV, that I can get my money back. She said the person was wrong. Then she said I will get an in-store credit on a Best Buy card to make another purchase. I was very upset.

I told her I did not like the Return Policy of 15 days, when other companies offer 90 return, refunds (cash) or to the credit card. She handed me the Best Buy Card and left. I went back to another person and asked if I purchase another TV and it was an issue and returned it within 15 days, would I get a refund. She said NO!

I had no other TV in my house, so reluctantly I went to look at another TV. There was NOTHING in the price range that I could afford. I am a senior on a small pension, so money is VIP. I had no option but to look at another TV at $379.84.

I asked the saleslady about the warranty. She said the TV has a 1 year warranty, but if anything went wrong after 15 days, it is to be returned to the manufacturer and NOT BEST BUY. The TV is made in CHINA!!!! So I had to purchased the 2 yr Best Buy Geek Squad Warranty.

By the time I left the shop I had spent an additional $101.00. I will NEVER BUY NOTHING ELSE FROM BEST BUY. Shoppers Beware: . No cash refund, No credit back to your card.

You are stuck with them because they have your money. Nowhere on my receipt does it say NO CASH REFUND OR CREDIT CARD REFUND. It tells you to go online and read their returns policy. So let me ask Best Buy – “What of you have no computer, smart phone or internet access” There are a lot of people my age who don’t have these applications.

Here is Best Buy Refund Policy: If you paid more than $800 in cash or more than $250 by check or by a debit card without a major credit card logo, we will refund you by check within 10 business days. They send you a check EVEN though you PAY CASH “ I feel Ripped OFF by this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $379.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Refund, Return, Staff knowledge of services, Very rude store manager, On your own aftersale service or rather.

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I bought a macmini and returned after 2 days, paid debit and SUPPOSSEDLY it was refunded to my account.. just hanged up with customer service rep which is so hard to sneak your way into talking to an actual person..

HE TOLD ME I SHOULD EXPECT MY MONEY 13 days after I returned the product!

13 DAYS its such a low thing to do to your own customers such disrespect to the people that actually give their hard earned money in THE SAME DAY product is bought.. hadnt been in best buy in years because of their over priced items..




I mean they didn't have to return it at all on the receipt it says you had till January 15th. I bought an Xbox for my cousin for Christmas around that time it says that at the bottom till January 15th.

You can't really fault the store for that they felt bad you were sick and gave you store credit to get something else. The associate was right you could get your money back within the return policy though.

The good thing is you got the protection on this one so outside your 15 days you should be ok now. They fix it or replace it.


I mean you returned the TV even after the timeframe the first person gave you. No YOU CANT blame anyone but yourself on that one.

2nd it sounds like they don't keep that much cash at the store to get stolen.

It's pretty common knowledge that cash is not the best purchasing method nor has it been for the 10-15 yrs. Obviously all purchasing methods have their own pros/cons but I won't pay cash for anything over $100 and even that much would be a rarity.

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