Bakersfield, California

Warn your friends....If you bought something from Best Buy on Black Friday you better unwrap it and make sure it works rigt now. They will not take it back after Christmas.

I bought a $400 dvd player there last year, wraped it, put it under the tree and it has never worked.

I tired to take it back, exchange it or even get it fixed. They said it was over 30 days (ofcourse it was......if someone buys a gift near Thanksgiving then does not even open till Christmas of course it will be over 30 days) So we have had a $400 paper weight.

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The previous post was correct about the extended return policy. If a customer service associate forgot about it or didn't realize it, that is their mistake, but had you taken 2 secs.

to read the reciept or read signs posted all over the store, all you would have to do is remind them.

You would have been able to return it. It seems you took the time to complain on here, but not the time to check the return policy or even ask for a manager to double check.


You paid $400 for a DVD player? Was it 1998?


Anything purchased between December 13- Christmas Eve can be returned until January 24th. Read a reciept.


30 days is a lot longer than most retailers offers. Most only offer 14 days. Consider yourself lucky and get over it.


I stopped going to Best Buy years ago. I went to but a TV and wanted to open the box to see if all the parts were there.

They told me that I had to purchase the product prior to opening it despite the fact that I was going to buy it, if everything was there. I asked, "What would happen if something is missing?" to which they replied, "You have to go to the refund counter." I left and never returned to any Best Buy.


$400 DVD player WTF type of DVDs does that read GOLDEN ONES? Blu-rays cost no more than $200!!

and 30 days is Very fair your even lucky they do that some company's will only offer 5 days or 14days so stop complaining return sh1t on time! Now you know check your product before you Wrap it.


I agree that the return policy at Best Buy is draconian. The best course is not to do buy anything from them.

If you do, buy little stuff, nothing major. In fact you can always browse and then buy it online for much cheaper.


That is why there is a manufacturer's warranty.