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Long Story Short - I need your help. The long story short is last year I bought an Apple Macbook Pro plus Black Tie with Accidental protection from Best Buy in Okemos, Michigan. It was pretty much a lemon from day one. I asked them last week to exercise my option for a replacement, and they refused. I paid 3401.98 out the door for this computer. I'm now trying to run my department of my company from an iPad while they figure it out.

Where you come in: I posted on the Best Buy forums. Huge diatribe: http://forums.bestbuy.com/t5/Manufacturer-Warranties-and/Super-Un-happy-Premier-Silver-Member-Calling-All-Management/td-p/557826

What I am asking is that you go there, facebook like, tweet and share that post. I go into extreme, minute detail for the whole situation there. I feel like if I can get some social steam behind me - I can get them to just replace the computer.

Will you guys help me?

Thank you!


Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $3401.

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The first and only problem is, you bought a Mac.You sir are quite vague in this story. Doesn't describe when or how you tried to take it back, and what was said. Maybe consider putting forth the whole story, rather than leaving readers to guess.


you're dumb for spending that much money on a Mac, there's your answer. oh and an iPad too.


Best Buy completely resolved the issue.




First. You had 30 days to exchange it at the beginning if there were manufactior defects 2nd your protection plan is to fix it.

After the third repair then it's replaced. read your paper work .


I did include those points - it just took me 3 posts to do so.

Bad hard drive


Doesn't charge properly.

I'm writing from an iPad because my mac is not in my possession.



"It was pretty much a lemon from day one"

That doesn't tell anyone much. You need to include things in your story like: What was wrong with it? How many times did you take it in? What reason did they give you for not replacing it?

I wouldn't expect to get many people to join your cause when you leave huge story points out.

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