Concord, North Carolina

I apologize upfront for what may be a lengthy review but I need to unload! I am reminded of why I purchase most of my electronics (non-Best Buy) online each time I visit the Best Buy store in Concord, NC (Bayfield Pkwy).

A week or two before Christmas I went there to purchase a desktop computer monitor. When I didn't see the one I wanted on the shelf I waited (one person in computer section at that time) 2nd in line to get help. It was taking forever for the sales person to complete the transaction. After waiting a long while another person came behind me (at a distance) and almost 30 seconds later another sales person walks up and instead of looking at who has been waiting he asks her if he could help and they walk off.

Then a couple of minutes later a couple walks up behind the sales person that I was waiting on and as soon as he finishes (finally!) with the person he's been helping he turns around and starts with the couple that walked up........ignoring that I had been waiting. Just today (Jan 2nd) I go back to purchase an iPhone accessory, when I couldn't find it I asked a sales person that was sitting (1 of 3) behind the desk in the mobile phone area and she points a isle or so away and I asked specifically where because there were hundreds of similar products between me and the area she was pointing. That must have inconvenienced her because acted aggravated but she got up and walked part of the way and to show me. I had really wanted to ask a few questions about the product but she quickly turned around and went back to her chair doing nothing but talking with her co-workers!

I will be hard pressed to shop there again. I've had a few good experiences purchasing there but they were fewer that the bad experiences.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Cons: Sales help in store.

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that stinks, and it's hard to think of a more effective way to antagonize a customer. I worked there years ago and my great joy was pleasing the customers or, barring that, at least explaining and escalating such issues as best as I could. but they didn't pay well enough for someone like me to stay, when my talents are worth more to other companies.

and did bother me at night if I felt a customer had been let they would have needed to pay me even more to stay than I now am being paid....


This is the type of thing you need to contact store management about. The easiest way is to use the comments/review site listed on your receipt.

Failing that, you can try calling the store to talk to the GM (good luck with that one!), you can call 1-888-237-8289 and they will contact the GM to call you. Best Buy isn't going to know what's wrong unless you let them know there was a problem/employee issue.