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LOOK, LOOK!! Best Buy Store Akron, Ohio 44310.

On December 28, 2013 I purchased a LG Optimus on around 3pm along with Geek Squad Protection. I went home charged the phone over night. The following day I drove new car and put the phone in the passenger seat. I got home after the store and the screen on the bottom of the left side webbed.

I returned to Best Buy # 2789 and spoke with the Assistant Manager now "REMBER" I only had the phone for 27 hours. She Stated "YEAH YOU CRACKED YOUR SCREEN" and you owe $160.11. I strongly believe that Best Buy Store #2789 sold me a damaged phone with a hair line crack in it. Yes, Best Buy does have outstanding pricing but Very Poor customer service.

Weak Management and staff that has MANY CHALLENGES transferring information from one device to another. This is the second time Best Buy had failed to provide a SERVICE and a GOOD PRODUCT. As a consumer my recommendation's to another consumer be extremely cautious purchasing any product's of any kind from any Best Buy.

Hey MY MISTAKE! Now I now why that hired a Lawyer to work their, LOL!!

Monetary Loss: $160.

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#778272 bought a phone, broke it in less than a weekend, and now somehow Best Buy has done you wrong? Do you honestly think you should be able to buy whatever you want and abuse it to they point of rendering it useless and then the retailer should have to foot the bill?

Seriously? You're ridiculous.


"Now I now why that hired a Lawyer to work their"!!! What?

BB has a legion of lawyers. Every large company does. What are you talking about?

A grunt like me or you wouldn't stand a chance alone against their 'legion'.

Either you damage the phone and was looking for a scapegoat, or, a store employee did and to protect their *** they sold it to you to carry the burden. Without a protection plan, in either case, your screwed.


I would never purchase anything from WORST BUY. Have you ever looked at worst buy facebook page.

Only ones posting anything remotely good work for them. Soon to be the forgotten what was it circut city!!!!!!


You bought a phone, damaged it, and were rightfully denied a refund or exchange. The end.


"Now I now why that hired a Lawyer to work their" Sorry - I could only guess what that mess means!


I am sure that a lawyer will jump right on this one. He/she could retire young with the income that this suit will bring!

Yeah, right. Good luck finding a lawyer for this.


8) Make sure understand what was stated in the review. I SAID "NOW I KNOW WHY THAY HAVE A LAWYER WORKING THIER and read before you comment. Thanks in advance for your compliance.


Still makes no sense even after you explain it. Could you get mommy or daddy to write it for you?


How is it that you can spell lawyer correctly, but you cant spell "they"? Seriously, people on this website need to take an English class, or something.

I assume you meant to say "Now I know why they have lawyers working there"

And even still, it's still incorrect.


Now I know why they have lawyers working for them.

Lawyers don't work AT best buy.... silly