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Over the past weekend just prior to the july 4th holiday my sister requested my assistance with purchasing a new dishwasher and stove for her house since she had recently replaced the refrigerator and the other appliances were "high milage". I was more then willing to assist her since she's helps my wife and myself with babysitting our kids and I own a toyota tundra so of course I'm to go to man with anything involving moving larger items.

We met at a local best buy store although it was a different location where she purchased the refrigerator a year or so ago. We walk over the appliance department and start browsing. After a few minutes of browsing she commented no salesman have approached us yet. I walk over to the desk where I find 2 younger male employees are sitting on stools having a discussion about how one of them "got busy" with a hot girl at the club the night prior.

I try to ignore the obscene language and say "excuse me can you please assist us with new appliances"? They look irritated for a customer disturbing them with one of them saying "whats up". I tell them my sister is looking to replace a couple appliances within her kitchen and would like assiance as to what they recommend. Without budging an inch off his stool he says "appliances???

you need to be more specific" I tell him we are considering purchasing a new dishwasher and stove and would like some assistance to whats recommended" He replies "have you looked at our website theres a full selections of models on there with full descriptions of the features and specifications"? I was dumbfounded by his absolute minimal motivation and asked again "we came to the store to see which one you as a sales associate recommended". His reply was " You know you can always read online review for models your interested in or just google the information". At this point I told him perhaps he should google the term "customer service" He asks me "are you threatening me" I reply "no we as members of the general public came to your place of business with the intend to purchase merchandise and you show absolutely no motivation whatsoever".

At this point my sister points out the other associate this employee was previously having the inaaprioate conversation with has moved to the adjacent aisle and discreetly recording the conversation with his cell phone. I walk over to the other "clown" and tell him if he uses my image, my voice or any parody of either for any social media purpose I personally will prosecute him. I ask to speak to a store manager, however after waiting several minutes and seeing employees waking around aimlessly other then to have personal conversations with eachother, we give up and proceed to leave. As we exit the security man who was a older gray hair man with a pony tail asks if we found what we were looking for.

I tell him "no, it appears your store no longer stocks customer service". He looks remorseful and says "well thats what happens when the millennial age takes the helm of a big store". He provided me with a phone number to contact and address to contact. He specifically tells me to indicate the store location number and general descriptions of the employees involved.

He also tells me corporate office has the ability to review store level security cameras so be sure to indicate the time and date the situation occurred.

My sister and I wrote out a letter to mail to the corporate office today. We will see if we ever hear back or if the letter hits the circular file.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did you ever hear back? Wish you could provide that info for corporate. My $1700 order with BB has become a total nightmare.


Sounds like these "employees" are sure working hard to get the $15.00 hour raise.