Claremont, New Hampshire

On March 4 2012 my wife and I went to our local Best Buy in West Lebanon NH to look for a Sony 40" LED HDTV we had found on their website. After looking through the store, we approached a store clerk and inquired about the TV.

He took us over to a computer and had us show him the model we were talking about. He said that was an extroadinary good deal but that it was currently not available, but we could pre order the TV. He also said we could do this from our home if we desired. We made the decision to order it from home.

As we were leaving he said when his work day was over he planned to order it himself as when it became available in stores the price would probably be higher. We were very excited and ordered the TV that day. We made payment through our Paypal account and received an Order Receipt via e-mail. We then received 3 more subsequent e-mails, 1 to let us know there was a back order delay, one stating when it would be shipped and then an order shipping confirmation with tracking number.

We received the television and of course unpacked and set it up. About a week later we received an email stating that we would be receiving a new order receipt as the old receipt incorrectly stated that it was an LED TV enough though we had really ordered an LCD. Wrong, or so we thought. We immediately went to find the box and sure enough, It says LCD on the box.

I know we are kinda at fault for not noticing when we opened it that it said LCD but in the excitement we just did not notice. I am a stickler about saving all e-mails, so I went to my computer to check. Every e-mail and order confirmation list it as an LED which is what I wanted. I then called the toll free number and the rep who answered the phone stated that yes, our correspondence did say LED but if we wished to exchange the TV it would cost us an additional $400.

What the heck? We ordered this television in good faith, expecting exactly what we had ordered. They told us we had 3 weeks to make up our mind and let them know our decision. It is not our fault they listed the product wrong, We have some fault in the fact that we did not notice when we unwrapped the set, but that does not excuse this behavior.

I frankly do not believe I will get any satisfaction with this issue. I can assure you this will be my last purchase from Best Buy. I have informed my friends and family and none of them were suprised, we have all apparantly had bad dealings with this company.

Buyer, beware. Don't always believe what you see on a website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Deal.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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Sit back. Best Buy is running its own campaign to run itself out of business.


These are so many bad complaints against Best Buy - maybe we should start a campaign against them and run them out of business.


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