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i dont know why it says fremont ca in my complaint but the bestbuy i went to is in Visalia, Ca

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today i went to best buy hoping to find a good deal on a led smart tv. After browsing the selection i found a open box sony Bravia 40" Led smart tv for 389.99 and asked to make sure all the plugs accessories and such were in the box.

the employee showed me that yes everything was in there and that it looked like the tv had never been setup seeing as how everything except the power cable was still sealed in individual plastic bags. So i said great ill take it and even purchased the 2yr geek squad protection. i got home about 10 minutes later and took the tv out of the box. i see there is a circular crack/mark on the tv and hope that somehow it wont affect the picture.

i pull out the power cord and there is nowhere to plug into the tv. its completely the wrong cord. so i pack it all back up and head to best buy. i got to the store about 45 mins from the time i purchased it and went directly to customer service.

The customer service employee listens to my complaint and proceeds to pull out the tv. He tried to plug in the tv but of course failed seeing as how its the wrong plug. He then takes a look at the box and tells me that the tv he just pulled out is NOT the tv that was sold to me. What?!?!?

So upon hearing this i ask him what exactly does he mean and he tells me that the tv in the box is like 4yrs old and that he cant do anything for me. i ask to speak to a manager and do my best not to explode because my small child is with me. while we wait for the manager i ask if theres any way to find out which employee helped me and he tells me well you can go find him. okay fine i walk around find the employee and explain the situation to him.

he is apologetic and i ask him to verify its the same tv we both saw earlier and that i didnt put a different tv in the box. at this time the manager is here and the sales associate tells us both yes its in fact the same tv. okay so i then ask did i just pay for a box then and receive a dated tv that was also cracked? By this time two managers are trying to figure out what to tell me and one calls the sales associate to follow him to the back.

they come back 5mins later and say that upon looking at the video footage theres no crack on the tv earlier so i must have damaged it. By this time i am irate and do my best to keep things civil. i ask so in spite of the fact that you are blaming me for the damage you admit the wrong tv was sold to me in the first place. how does that make sense.

and so reluctantly he admits yes. okay so what now? he tells me this type of thing is above his authority and he is sorry but i will have to speak to the store manager tomorrow.

so here i am at home waiting to go back tomorrow in hopes of resolving this issue but in all honesty i expect the manager to try to sidestep the fact that they sold me a box with the wrong tv in it and place the blame on me.

this is very frustrating and absolute ***.

i contacted corporate customer service and they basically told me its up to the store but that they completely understand my frustration and my anger and wish they could help. if this turns out to me getting robbed of $450 me nor anyone i know will be stepping foot in that store again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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