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We bought a tv from Best Buy because it was on sale last month. It had been sitting sealed in the box in our living room while my husband finished painting the room.

Yesterday he finally took it out of the box and hooked it up and it doesn't work! We tried to exchange it for a new one today and were told we could not. On top of that, the store manager was rude and essentially told us we were SOL and to deal with the manufacturer - it was out of their hands. Moral of the story, DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY.

They just want your $ and will do anything to keep it. I pointed out to the manager the 15 day return policy he was referring to was for refunds, not exchanges, yet he refused to even look at the receipt. Customer service was nonexistent and poor at best. We will subsequently be filing a complaint with the general supervisor of the Woodland,Ca location and if nothing else, will seek the assistance of a local consumer legal group to investigate Best Buys' "policies." Furthermore, we DEFINITELY WILL NOT purchase anything or patronize this establishment ever again.

Best Buy can't go out of business soon enough!!! $300 for a broken tv?!

Thanks, Best Buy! Your reputation precedes you!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Exchange for a tv that's not broken!.

  • return policy misinformation
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You do realize that Best Buy does not make the products that are for sell in their store right? Your Samsung or Sony TV doesn't say Best Buy it has the name of the manufacturer on it.

Once it's out out of the return policy it is out of their hands. Why do you think that you're entitled or too special to not follow the same policy that everyone else does?

I had no idea you and your husband were royalty and the rules don't apply to you. Stop your whining and call the manufacturer.


I have never defended Best Buy.....until now. Believe me when I say I hate doing it.

But you should not be a customer anywhere.

In your mind a product sitting in a box unused for an unlimited amout of time should have an unlimited return policy. Not even the worst of the worst (Best Buy) can accomodate you.


So you knew what Best Buy's return policy was, yet decided to leave the tv sitting for a month. Not only that Best Buy has no way to know how you kept that TV.

You could have knocked the box and TV over and Best Buy has no way to know. Don't blame Best Buy for sticking to a policy you knew about.

Not sure what you want them to investigate. They go to Best Buy about the return policy, see it plainly on the wall at check out and on the receipt, investigation over.


"I pointed out to the manager the 15 day return policy he was referring to was for refunds, not exchanges"

First of all, an exchange is a refund and a purchase done in the same transaction. Any rule that applies to refunds also applies to exchanges.

That is just common sense. I'm happy to see your play on words didn't move the manager in the slightest.

Second, 15 days is industry standard. Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target, all have the same policy on electronics. The same outcome would have happened at any of those stores.

If you have a problem with the 15 day policy, make sure to either boycott those stores as well or test your expensive purchases shortly after buying like everyone else does.

Third, since you took over a month to return your TV, good luck proving that it was broke when you bought it.

Best Buy's policies are nationwide and any "local consumer legal group" is not going to convince them to change if no one else has been able to.

And lastly, your TV is under manufacturer warranty, which means they will fix it for free. Kudos to the manager for explaining the process of resolving your issue despite you acting like a selfish 5 year old.