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I bought a laptop for my brother from the Salem, OR, store two weeks. The employee informed me that since it wasn't in that particular store, that they would ship it from a nearby store and would arrive later that week (The Friday before Christmas).

I returned Tuesday (12/22) and found out that when the laptop came off the truck that Friday, they SOLD my FULLY PAID FOR laptop!!!!! None the less, a MANAGER, sold my laptop.

Since the laptop was a limited release, they were unable to find me a replacement. This was three days before Christmas! I was freaking out! The managers could not do anything for me since they wouldn't sell me a laptop with the video card I wanted, for the price of the laptop that was no longer available to me.

Next thing I knew, I was back in my car, with no gift for my brother and my money back. I called corporate and filed my complaint with them, I am tempted to call the BBB and file a complaint with them.

I am still amazed that a manager did not realize that a laptop should have been reserved and sold one that was bought and paid for.

I will not be shopping at Best buy anymore. And because of my story, I have changed some of my friend's minds as well.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $599.

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I worked at a Best Buy for 5 years and saw this happen more than I like to admit. It's horrible that they did that, and then made no attempt to rectify the situation. I can assure you that if that had happened in my store, my GM would have bent over backwards to make you happy. Luck of the draw, I suppose.

In my store, it was usually a case of a special order product coming in, clearly tagged for an employee/customer, and another employee comes along and takes it, destroys all evidence that it was intended for someone else, and sells it to a different customer so they can appear like the hero and garner praise. Best Buy definitely needs better safeguards in place to avoid this.

I personally never saw a manager do this, and have a hard time believing one would. I can posture two different scenarios for you. One would be that whenever somebody demands to speak to a manager, they more often than not get stuck with a supervisor, or worse, a senior. These people have little experience and even less ability to do anything for you. This could be the manager you mentioned, meaning they'd be more likely to do something like that.

The other scenario could be a legitimate manager selling your lap top to what they call a "Barry 5." Best Buy uses a program called Customer Contact Manager to classify all customers in one of five different categories based on what they buy, then ranked 1 through 5, based on how much they spend. Essentially, a "Barry 5" is a really, really rich dude who spends a ton of money at Best Buy, therefore they will kiss his *** and forsake other customers to please him. Including giving him already sold product, and hoping that they can replace that product in time. I hate to say it, but in other words, they don't see you as important because you don't spend as much as somebody else.

Obviously I can't say for sure, but as I said, these are the two scenarios I could imagine happening with your laptop.

I hope this information helps, and if you have any other questions, post them here and I'll try to help. What they did is wrong and they need to own up to it.

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