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On 4-10-09, I purchased a Toshiba Celeron laptop. Within 4 months, it completely stopped working.

We took it back to Best Buy, they refused to refund our money. Instead they replaced the hard drive. The same day I took it home, the computer made a clicking sound. Over the next couple weeks, it continued to click and would also randomly stop working or freeze.

Within a month of the hard drive being replaced, it completely stopped working again. We then took back into Best Buy and once again they refused to refund us our money or replace it. Instead they are attempting to put in a third hard drive. The computer is clearly a lemon but Best Buy refuses to give us our money back or replace it.

I find this unacceptable, unethical and HORRIBLE costumer service. I later learned that a family member of mine had the SAME exact experience with a Toshiba from Best Buy. They replaced his hard drive 3 times.

When it died a fourth time, it was past the year warranty and they then refused to help him. I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again!!

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don't waste money on their in house service. go thru the manufaturer if covered by their warranty. if not, pay to have it serviced by a business that is competant and stands by their work.


*** get a job! Seriously, do you just sit at your computer all day and harass and insult people on a *** consumer website? You are a mean-spirited punk who needs to get a life!!


Wow, there are some mean-spirited people on here!


Jojo, you CAN'T be serious! :grin


jojo g, how can you expect a retailer to give you your money back on a product that they did not even make? All they did was carry it and sell it to you. You could have had this same problem with ANY retailer.

I'm wondering, in all of the time that you had problems with this computer, did you ever attempt to contact the company that actually built the product? Why are you so stuck on Best Buy fixing/replacing/giving you your money back but not Toshiba?

Sounds like Best Buy did you a favor. Instead of you having to sit on the phone with Toshiba and ship off your computer to them, Best Buy did it all for you. Yet you are still not happy with the company and all that they have done for you above and beyond what the manufacturer even did.

As a matter of fact, I'm glad people like you won't be shopping at Best Buy anymore. Instead of making the company money, you cost them money because they spent their time and labor to fix a faulty product when it wasn't even their fault. Please, please, please shop at Walmart from now on and hopefully you can help put them out of business instead.


Best Buy retun/exchange policy on laptop computers is 14 days. That is why you are not getting your money back for the computer.

It's clearly printed on the back of your receipt. You are being serviced under the manufacturer's warranty, and once that's expired...

This is why we offer the GSBTP.


You need to talk to Toshiba. They built the Lemon and they would be the ones hat need to exchange it.

Toshiba will tell you sorry but they aren't going to make it right.

They will repair it as many times as needed in the first year and after that you are out of luck. Toshiba does not have a No Lemon policy.

Tina S

I had a similar situation with Best Buy. The extended warranty I purchased wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

They made it impossible for me to get to that 3rd appointment and qualify for their "lemon policy". One example being their tech got there earlier from the agreed upon window, so cancelled the appointment. It's a long story, but basically they did not fulfill the terms of the warranty and I ended up buying another computer, obviously not from them.

They are a lying, cheating company and I will never go there again. I stopped making payments and they sued me, ruining my credit score.


did you buy the service plan?

if not then they can only do what the manufacturer would have done, which only cover for 1 year. So therefore, Best Buy is doing exactly what Toshiba would have done, and if your family member's laptop is over a year old and they did not get the service plan then that's their fault. I don't see why you wouldn't get the service plan because then you would be set for 2-4 years.

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