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I went to the Best Buy in Taylor, MI and purchased a Samsung TV. When I brought it home, I took it out of the box and the screen was cracked.

I tried to return it to the store that same evening, but the manager refused to take it back stating I tampered with it. He stated the pedestial was broken. The pedestial consists of two parts that have to be screwed in together and they weren't broken. He said I would have to contact Samsung.

I asked what would they do and his comment back was "I Don't Know." Apparently, each store can take back whatever it wants, there is no corporate policy. I tried to explain that I put the pedestial together and then tried to lift the TV out and put it on the pedestial. That was when I notice the large cracks, when I was taking it out of the box. He said he wouldn't return it and walked away.

I told him I wasn't going to eat $740. I called customer service, and they spoke to the manager who still refused to take it back. He said he determined that I put the TV on the pedestial incorrectly and it fell and cracked. I never put the TV on the pedestial.

I noticed it cracked before that. I have three witnesses at my house who saw what I did. But a Best Buy manager can arbitrarily decide not to take an item back based on his theory as oppossed to what really happened. How do I know that the item wasn't damaged at his store or in shipping to his store.

I returned it right after I bought it, not a week later. Best Buy still refuses to take it back or replace it. I was refused communication with any higher level management.

Do not shop at Best Buy. I am currently seeking legal action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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Almost exact same thing happened to me with a 55 inch smart tv. They simply take your money and refuses to accept any returns.

I oowned the box and the screen was broken in pieces.....G Snow. ...Montgomery Alabama


Exact same situation happened to me yesterday. In my case, I bought a tv for my new apt about 3 days ago.

I opened it for the first time last night and I also have two witnesses that saw what happened. All I did was, I opened the box and turned the tv on and it was cracked down the middle and you could barely see the screen. I tried exchanging it and same thing occurred. The rudest manager in the world.

He told me that it is impossible for the tv to be broken in the box. He implied that I broke it and stood firm to his comments. HE was extremely sarcastic and even mentioned how there are million possibilities this tv can be broken but none are what exactly happened to me. I was insanely frustrated and walked out of the store.

He stopped me and sarcastically told me his name in case I want to file a complaint. WORST COSTUMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME.

I am considering legal action. My tv is a 40 Samsung costs 650 dollars


I just got the same problem with HHgreeg


Same thing happened to me.


just bought online for the first time tv was shipped and the tv had a big crack.. i was redunded but its still dissapointing because the refund will take a week also a waste of time and effort.. expected more from best buy..


They replaced mine with no questions, just for the record.


Bought a 50 inch LG TV at Best Buy (Fayetteville, NC) on Christmas Eve. Got home, opened the box,and realized the TV screen was cracked.

Took it back immediately to the store but the manager refused to exchange it. Being Christmas eve, I bought another tv for the family, took it home just to find out the speakers didn't work.

Is Best Buy buying inferior quality merchandise?

Are you wondering why Best Buy may disappear from the market? Return policy at Best Buy seems to be entramptness for the unawered customer.


I bought a brand new Panasonic 42' Plasma TV from Best Buy, brought it home, waited 3 weeks, opened the box, and it was cracked!!! I plugged it in and it wouldn't even power up!!

So I took it back to the store...AND THEY EXCHANGED IT FOR A NEW ONE NO HASSLES!!!!! Best Buy you rock (as far as I'm concerned)


just in case other people have this issue. Best Buy and the tv manufacturer has no way of proving that what your saying is true.

That's why the warranties state they don't cover physical damage, which is what this is considered. I used to work at Best Buy and I also used to work for Samsung and TomTom. I dealt with these issues a lot.

Even though you shouldn't have to do this there is no problem after buying it if you want to open the box in the store and make sure it's ok. It's better then doing it at home to find out it's broken, because then your screwed.


Let me take a stab at this: You dropped the box when moving it into your house. You noticed you caused severe damage to the TV screen and pedestal.

Not wanting to accept responsibility for your mistake, you take the TV back to the store hoping to *** them and get a refund/exchange. You were rightly denied and now you're bitter about it.


No, that's not what happens, the store breaks them through rough handling.

Then they sell them.


He is right, even if he did drop it the store has or is supposed to have an insurance on them for when this happens, it's going to happen, while stocking at the Best Buy warehouse, the guy loading them with the forklift, if a box fals, or if he backs into a stack of them he isn't going to run and let the boss know he just ruined a tv. So there should be a certain amount of tv's that will be allowed to be returned for this situation.

I will always open the box in the store from now on!


we ordered at TV with our Marriott Points- Samsung TV- came in the other day- and depsite the horrible delivery (stained my carpet dragging it) Open the box a few days later- not thinking anything could be wrong- but install people were coming next day- so in preparation- open carefully- with my husband and we notice the screen is shattered in SEVERAL PLACES- Marriott says SORRY! "to bad"- screwed too! Loved to hear what legal action is available- this just isn't right- I just want a replacement- not a settlement!

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