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Yesterday, my husband and I utilised the Memorial weekend sale and purchased a Samsung TV 48" from the Bestbuy Katy Freeway store along with a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. When I got home a few hours later and took the TV out from the box, I discovered that the TV had a massive crack on the screen. I called the store straight away and explained the situation and was advised to bring it in for an exchange. I took the TV back to the store the same day and went to customer service. Once there, a manager took a look at the TV and then went to get the opinion of another manager. Upon inspecting the TV, the other manager said that the fault was not theirs and they will not take the return. He said that the box was still intact and with no dents and there was no damage to the syrofome. He said that there is a "pressure point" on the TV screen indicating that something dropped on the TV. I explained how we just got the TV and when we took the TV out of the box it was already like that and we DID NOT drop or HIT the TV in any way. My husband and I asked if it could have been damaged in the store or store room and he said no. Best buy was not at fault and the damage occurred after leaving the store. I explained again how we did not dropped or damaged the TV in any way but he doesn't believe us. And he refused to accept any possibility or responsibility that it could be a handling issue on BestBuys part and we were just unlucky to receive a faulty product from the store. It was as though it was easier to say that the customers who had just paid a lot of money for a TV they wanted damaged the TV themselves. I am frankly shocked and insulted at this as I have never been treated like this before in any store. The way I see it, to imply in any way that we have damaged the TV was to have opened the box and do an inspection in front of us when the TV was purchased and before we leave the store (which was not done). It was an assessment on his experience with broken TVs for him to decide that it was entirely our fault. I find that totally unacceptable. I have just moved here from the UK and this was my first big purchase from BestBuy and I was going to buy more items. Somehow, I do not think this will be the case any longer. I feel totally cheated out of a lot of money and now am stuck with a broken TV. In addition, the manager offered to sell me ANOTHER TV at a discounted price! Feels like a sales scam!

Upon researching on the internet I find that this is a common issue with BestBuy and I am utterly shocked!

I have filed a complaint with 1-888-BestBuy as well as the BBB. Unacceptable behaviour and totally insulting to the consumer!

Monetary Loss: $860.

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