Dover, New Hampshire
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I was given a new HP laptop for my birthday. It never even turned on.

When my children tried to return the gift they bought me Best Buy refused to take it back. Apparently they missed the return date by 1 day. It was 15 days after they bought the computer. If they do not stand behind the products they sell then why sell them.

I WILL NEVER do business with them again. Clearly they don't care about customers only making a quick buck.

Stay away from this store.I if there' s a problem you're on your own. I'll contact HP see and what they can do for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hewlett Packard Laptop.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Terrible customer service.

  • extended appliance warranty
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$178.00 later my laptop repair service fixed the problem and now it works. Best Buy does not stand by there products or even care about the consumer. Since it was repairable there was a real problem and damaged gods were sold.


Well Anonymous maybe you're dishonest and return things you damage but I'm not. I didn't have the receipt to return it.

I had to wait for the one of my adult children to have the time to get the computer and return it. You may have no life but we do. Despite your childish reaction

the system never worked and Best Buy doesn't live up to their responsibility. I have found it quite interesting that people I've told about this have had similar problems with products they sold.

Best Buy is not getting business from at least people I know of. Since I work with a lot owners they find the quite interesting and will think twice before shopping there.



But why did it take you that long to just turn on the laptop in the first place?

Why did you wait that long in the first place?


They ALWAYS say it didnt work when they BREAK IT!!!!! If I purchase something and it doesnt work I take it right back.

No waiting unless its too late and the store is closed. In ALL of my years of shopping and returning items I have NEVER had to deal with the limitations of a return policy. BECAUSE I GET OFF MY RUMP!!!!! And PLEASE dont pull the 'Im SO busy" card because if its IMPORTANT you MAKE TIME!!!

Non working computer for a Bday present? Oh I would have been there immediatly. So WHAT excuse can YOU give that gives YOU a pass on the return policy?? What ca YOU say that is going to invalidate the return policy?


So TRY HARD and come up with something NEW!!!! We have ALL heard the excuses as to WHY someone should get a pass on a policy.


Grow up not everybody is as dishonest as your are!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why did you wait that long to turn on your new laptop computer?

Their return policy is the return policy. It is probably stated somewhere on their website.

Since you do not like their return policy, then complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this.


If you could the later post I did not have the receipt to return and had to wait for the kids to get here with it so it could be returned. Again before you jump to conclusions maybe you get the whole story!