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On 10-18-10 I ordered the GE Gas Range online. On 10-22-10 I was told it would be delayed another 10 - 14 days.

I cancelled the order (Case # 78028911) and was told the charge against my AmEx would be lifted in 48 hours. On 10-25-10 I called to confirm since my card was still encumbered by the amount of $2102.49. I was told that the first cancellation was not "saved in the system" and she re-cancelled the order (Case # 78114567) and assuring me that the card would be credited within 48 -72 hours. On 10-27-10 I get an email that the order had shipped and the charge appeared on my card.

After an 6 agonizing phone calls to customer service - 2 told me their screens were down and I could "try later" (one of which had a baby crying in the background!!) - I was told all I can do is refuse the order which will arrive in 7 to 10 days and when it is re-inventoried at Best Buy I would receive the credit in an additional 7 to 10 days. They say they have no way to credit my card since it already shipped. Shipping after two cancellations is BBuy's fault. not mine, and my card should not be encumbered for up to 3 weeks because of your mistake.

Further, I have no confidence that BBuy will even be so prompt as to credit my card in 3 weeks. One agent advised me to tell my credit card that it was a fraudulent charge to get the credit back. It is beginning to feel fraudulent and I will take action in this regard.

Please credit my card at once. You can contact your trucker, they can trace the Range (this is 2010), and you can make it your own problem to get the Range back, not mine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Shipping Service.

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This Guy

They dropped the ball so much on this. My advice for the future, any time you are returning something, do it in person and get a paper print out of the valid cancellation and in 48 hours (or however long they say it will take) if it is not posted back to your card, immediately call your credit card company and notify them that it is a false charge due to valid cancellation.